Compassionate Dog's Attempt to Revive Fish Goes Viral

This dog's (ultimately unsuccessful) attempts to resuscitate two fish will melt your heart.

A dog's efforts to revive a pair of fish as they lay motionless on concrete has gone viral online.

The compassionate pet can be seen trying to splash water onto a fish with its tongue, perhaps in the hope of reviving the creature.

Seeing his efforts fail to have the desired effect, the dog then transfers his resucitation attempt to a second fish lying nearby.


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This video just made me cry. How could the people who took the video just took the video and did nothing while the dog tried to save the fish. 

I've been asking myself that same question. It's really sad :(

Truly! =( I've seen dogs use their nose to move things when they don't want to harm the other parties, like for puppies and babies. It looks so desperate on a leash.


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