What are your views on drinking coffee? I haven't had any since I had hepatitis in 2000, My body just doesn't want it


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I only drink herbal teas if I can - without milk!

We can't get rice milk here

 I try not to drink a lot but I will have a few cups now and then. 

this is a new morning call 4 me wake up by the aroma of coffee, i should give it a try. . .

i'm a coffee-holic. .  1 glass (with a little bit cane-sugar) firstly every morning b4 any activities ... used to be stop due to digesting problem, caused me nausea n throw-up but now i'm fully recover thanks to 'Propolis' - (healthy supplement from Australia/New Zealand made from a kind of bee resin)...

I'm working in informatic business and everyone drinks a lot of coffee in the office. A few month ago I drank 4-6 coffees per day, too. But now I stopped this many drinking and reduced it.

I drink 1 cup of coffee in the morning now and then I switch to herbs tea. Since I do this I fell a lot better. :-)

I love coffee!  I always have it black and we buy Fair Trade organic coffee so I feel a little better about it.


My view on drinking coffee is that we have a love/hate relationship. 

I love coffee (good coffee - the brackish brownish swill from vending machines deserves nothing but derision)

but coffee causes some nastiness that makes its addictive nature quite nefarious.

I admire you for managing to give it up! Well done!

I LOVE coffee! Especially dark roasts. I like mine best with a natural non-dairy creamer and Liquid Stevia! Yumm.
I only wish places like Starbucks carried raw sugar and/or Stevia. As far as health concerns with coffee, I really don't see any reason to avoid it, personally! I do love tea as well, as you mentioned! Honestly, if it's prepared right it can certainly beat any cup of coffee out there! If your body isn't wanting it, pay attention to that. You have a much better/wider selection with teas anyhow -- any MANY proven health benefits to boot! :)   

SB DOES provide raw sugar! It's not usually out (that I've found), but they do keep it behind the counter. Just ask for it when you order. I've yet to find one that doesn't. Though I suppose not all locations will. Peet's and Seattle's Best does as well. Again, you have to ask when ordering. I find it convenient to carry a few packets with me as backups. 

When I turned 50, I quit ALL caffiene. I do love a really good cup of organic DECAF which I purchase at World Market....infact since its cold & rainy today and my water is off until 6pm, I think I will make some good decaf....something to warm me up.

I don't really like coffee. When I used to drink it, I needed to add lots of sweet creamer to make it taste good. But now I just usually drink herbal tea, water with lemon, or fruit smoothies. Sometimes I drink decaf iced tea. When I go to a fast food place that has a soda fountain where you can pour your own, I usually take a large glass of ice water, add a lemon if they have it, and top it off with just a tiny bit of unsweetened tea. Then I get all the flavor of the tea without the extra caffeine.


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