I'm in my first year of uni and it's also only been a year that i made the transition to vegetarian. I get so bored cooking for myself and at the moment it's pretty much pasta every night. Was wondering if anyone had any good (cheapish) recipes to share?

Thanks :)

Tasha x

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have a gander! http://studentrecipes.com/recipes/vegetarian/

Not all the most exciting, but its some ideas! :D


Ahh thanks Josh :)

I made lots of vegan Chili :D I love beans, so.. :D And you can make it anyway you want to!
I never tried this recipe, but to give you an idea: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Vegan-Chili-51216410 

Or patatoes with white beans in tomatosaus! I could eat that everyday.. :D That was my 'easy food' :D

I also liked to wok vegetables and eat them with rice (noodles) or couscous.. Very simple and very yummy!

I hope it's any help to you! :D Good luck! 

Aw thank you thats given me a few ideas yummy!
Hi :) I don't know if you've done much research on going veggie, I certainly didn't for 10 years! But I now know you need 46g protein daily. An egg has 6g, 100g cheese has 25g , 100g soya mince has 20g & 100g beans & lentils have 8g. Depending what you have for breakfast and lunch you have to balance your meals to contain whole grains, veg/fruit and your protein. I've always been on a tight budget. I make spicy carrot & lentil soup with wholegrain bread. I make spag bol with frozen soya mince, 1tin chopped tomatoes, garlic, mixed herbs and 1tin lentils, makes enough for 2-3 days, with fresh wholegrain pasta.Basically bear in mind yr nutrition needs & what foods & tastes you like then search online for recepies that are simple with few ingredients :) 'All Recepies' is a favourite site of mine.

that was helpful thanks sarah, im def guilty of not thinking about nutritions in meals. ill check out that website :) 

I believe that the amount of protein you require depends upon your weight and the amount of physical activity you engage in. I recommend buying a book or two on nutrition if you wish to find out more; there are many that have a bias toward veg*ns!

My absolute favourite source of veg*n recipes is Rose Elliot. She has a number of books but I heartily recommend 'The 30-Minute Vegetarian'. My girlfriend and I have tried maybe 10 or so recipes from it since Christmas and they've all been awesome! If you want a more comprehensive selection of recipes, my mum has been using Elliot's '(New) Complete Vegetarian' for almost 30 years. It's a wonder I'm not overweight :)

Thank you so much! I bought alica stone's book but that 30 minute veggie one looks really easy recipes. I'll give it a look :) 


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