If you eat cheese you are more than likely eating rennet (used to produce cheese). Rennet comes from the 4th stomach of a baby calf. The calf gives his life to supply rennet. Most commercial and processed cheeses contain this form of animal flesh and should be avoided by anyone wishing to be Vegetarian. The following is a list of cheese brands that do not use rennet in the manufacturing of their products. I hope you find it helpful.


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I always buy rennetless cheese. Why can't they just make all cheese renetless? what is the big deal?

Fortunately, I purchase from small family business where the family members are lifelong vegetarians and hand-make their cheeses so I know exactly what I am getting and how fresh.

I do understand that but I'm more concerned that the animal must be slaughtered to supply the rennet :(

buying cheese = supporting animal cruelty

go vegan 


So happy I don't eat cheese :) 


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