So I was at Subway the other day and ordered a veggie delight.  Someone else got meat on theirs and the guy asked if I was ok with both them being toasted at same time as long as one was covered, so I was like sure.  I said I was a vegetarian and he was like "I understand, Im a vegan."  I asked if they had vegan bread, and he said their gluten free bread is, but it is dry, so he said he cheats on being vegan when he works there.  I was kind of appalled, and wanted to say something.  Are you really a vegan or just trying to cut out animal products?  To me if he really cared he would deal with the dry stuff and not the bread that does have milk and egg in it.  What do you all think?  Would do the same as he, or would you not?

BTW, in Portland for few weeks!  Such a vegetarian/vegan friendly city!

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When I'm at home , I am 100% vegan . However when we go out , it's not always easy to make sure everything is vegan . I still stay away from cheese & things like that but bread isn't always easy .

I guess I can see that.

I'm looking at the subway nutrition pdf now, and it says all those breads contain sugar which is not vegetarian/vegan. Not only that but the veggie patty contains milk and eggs. As a matter of fact I can't find a single bread item that is vegetarian/vegan.

what part of sugar is animal based?

Subway sucks and I would never eat there. I think the smell of their bread baking smells like chemical, and it probably is.

I think most chain restaurants and fast food places by default cannot provide vegan food. These places depend on cheap crappy food which usually means eggs and dairy in everything.

I just don't eat bread when I eat out. Eating lots of bread isn't healthy anyway.

I can imagine it must be hard for vegans to eat out sometimes. I don't know about other countries but in New Zealand restaurants (fast food or not) there are generally only one or two vegetarian options and rarely any vegan. I don't know how many places would make something up if maybe you gave them a bit of notice...but I can see why some vegans might have the odd "cheat" meal from time to time. But in this dude's case, if he works at Subway and he know he can't eat vegan there then he should make his own lunch and bring it to work, it's just laziness!

I don't eat at Subway but listen, he who has never sinned may cast the first stone.   Don't judge man.  We are all work in Progress.


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