So I was at Subway the other day and ordered a veggie delight.  Someone else got meat on theirs and the guy asked if I was ok with both them being toasted at same time as long as one was covered, so I was like sure.  I said I was a vegetarian and he was like "I understand, Im a vegan."  I asked if they had vegan bread, and he said their gluten free bread is, but it is dry, so he said he cheats on being vegan when he works there.  I was kind of appalled, and wanted to say something.  Are you really a vegan or just trying to cut out animal products?  To me if he really cared he would deal with the dry stuff and not the bread that does have milk and egg in it.  What do you all think?  Would do the same as he, or would you not?

BTW, in Portland for few weeks!  Such a vegetarian/vegan friendly city!

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As for me, if I knew that a restaurant I was working at or was about to work at did not have good options I would prob not work there anyway, and if I did I would make suggestions. 

Yeah, I agree.  Something I want to is start my own vegetarian/vegan restaurant. Im visiting Portland, OR right now, and it is so veggie friendly.

Oh yeah, the food carts are where its at!

I would skip the bread altogether. Flour is so bad for you anyway.

Portland ROCKS!  Have a great time

The whole wheat bread is vegan....

and it is his diet and his ethics so really it doesn't really concern you.



really? i love wheat bread..ok maybe i am safe. 

i would ask for food that wasn't animal based. or i just won't eat there. sometimes i do forget.. like with bread.

on Subways website, it stated that their whole wheat bread was vegan...

That's what I usually order: whole wheat( I remove the top piece and eat it open faced) with veggie patty, no cheese, avocado, spinach, tomato, cucumbers, and banana peppers and brown spicy mustard...some Subways offer hummus as well.

I don't know how they can say that, as it says that there is honey in it right on the ingredients list.


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