i didn't know that infant formula is based off of cows milk. i feel horrible about it. my bf said that on the soy milk it says that you can't give it to infants and even when i researched online... what can i do? i dislike the fact that she has to drink infant formula that has cow milk in it. and when CAN she drink soy milk?  I will talk to the doctor at her next appointment in july but for now..any ideas? 

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thank you very much! 

do NOT give an infant soy milk but there ARE vegan infant formulas. Do some research before giving it to your baby, but here are tons out there because lactose intolerance happen to babies too. I'm a childcare giver and one of the mom's I work for, all of her kids are lactose intolerant so she always used vegan infant formulas. I thought that was cool. lol anyways. Good luck.

I do not know where to get vegan infant formulas..which is why I am here. she is 11 months..and I am raising her as one..but had no idea that the infant formulas at stores were made with cow's milk as well..thought it was all man made. anyway I would love to try out the vegan formulas, any idea where to look?

My son was allergic to formulas other than soy milk. He's vegetarian by birth. My pediatrician put him on soy milk when he was only a few days old. He grew up to be a strong guy and a very smart one too. He aced Physics in the US Navy.

Chick Pea - http://www.you-are-what-you-eat.com

I mean, hew was given Soy Formula. He was fine. He was allergic to other formula.

Chick Pea - http://www.you-are-what-you-eat.com

I just googled "vegan infant formula" and "lactose free infant formula"


also if you go to this website, in the menu on the left select "lactose intolerant" and "soy based" and "organic soy based" you will find an entire list to nitpick at =P



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