Can I eat my own hen's eggs? I am vegan and  I consider having my own pet hen and I am not sure whether it is ok to eat her eggs. What are your thoughts on this matter?

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Yes, but you'll backslide and you won't hear the end of it from other vegans. 

I think is better to eat eggs than to throw them out,  and I am sure you would save your hen from a cruel death.


Why have you become Vegan ?

If u love animals, why do you want to OWN it as a PET ?
In my opinion all animals including pets should be free, but free totaly not only from factory farming or puppy mills. And anyway, why would you eat somebodys period ?
Pets are companions
It is not the same biology as a human period. The egg is created to be food for the chick. If she rescues a bird and it lays an egg, why care if she wants to eat it.

well hens eat their eggs when they find out that no baby is inside of them because hens and the fetus can comunicate somehow :)

My vegetarian family have 5 chooks and none of us have issues eating the eggs. First and foremost on our list of priorities is to give them a good life; they're free range, are able to exhibit natural behaviour (dust baths, access to soil/grass to hunt for insects in) and a safe enclosure in which to roost. I'd also suggest keeping a minimum of two, preferably three, hens as they're social animals. 

In terms of being inundated with chicks... Don't get a rooster?

Hens would naturally eat their own eggs if they're unfertalised. Whether they eat just the shell (for the calcium) or the whole thing I don't know. If it's the former, you could eat the egg and give them the shell back (we do this). Egg eating is something which tends to be discouraged in hens for obvious reasons but it's a behaviour that has to be learned so they have to be taught to do it.

Are you planning on rescuing a hen?  We have two hens who were destined for meat and we eat their eggs.  We have also had rescued ex-battery hens.  

I honestly think that eating someones Period is wrong and very not healthy.
So why would you do that ?
So it won't waste ? But as Sam stated, they naturally eat their unfertilized eggs if you will not steal it from the Hen. Let her do with it what she wants.
Health ? ALL the animal protein or whatever from animals is no good for humans. We are herbivores and that is just a fact, so we do not need to enslave and steal anything from either Chickens, Cows or Bees.

Just give me one good reason why would you want to do that ?

I am very sorry, if what I write is not proper english or if it seems rude. I am not trying to be rude in any way, but I do have very opinion on that, so in open discussion I express it. 

Thanks :)

P.S In the end It is entirely up to you, and you should decide what is right or wrong for you,so please treat my posts only as a advice, not command. I know that when these are touchy subjects for most people.

lol, hahaha

That's a very sensitive topic. I mean, it would be okay to eat the eggs of the hen instead of throwing it out, because throwing it out would be unethical too.

On the other side, eating eggs is not considered vegan, mostly because of the egg farms, and how the hens and chickens are treated and bred for laying the eggs. 

I'm an ovo-vegetarian, so I eat eggs a couple times a month just to make sure I get good protein (I know there are tons of other sources, but their absorption isn't too good, and one needs to eat a lot of it before he/she gets enough protein). 

So I think that it's better to eat eggs from your own hen rather than buying it from grocery stores. 


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