Im a current vegetarian and i love it but my heart tells me to go vegan because to be honest i feel that vegetarianism is only the half way mark or starting platform. I feel as though im being held back from being able to be who i truly am.

I would be vegan right now except for the one thing holding me back. My fiance is a meat eater and he wont give it up entirely. I mean sure i could not eat eggs or dairy but could i say "yes im a vegan" when i allow meat into my house, let my daughter watch him eating an innocent animal etc. I feel like i would be a fake vegan if that makes sense

In conclusion I couldn't go vegan without feeling really guilty every day that i live with and am going to marry a meat eater. 

NEED ADVICE!!!! his defence other than the eating meat issue my partner is perfect and there is no way i would ever leave him. He also eats vegetarian more often than meat now.

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I'm going to marry my partner who is a meat eater. No way would his diet ever make me change the way I feel about him and I do not feel guilty about it. But, my boyfriend does not eat red meat anymore or pork/bacon he does eat chicken and is slowly going off it.

If you love someone you love someone. And I've expressed to him that our children will be raised as vegetarians and he's fine with it. So he's own his own with eating rotting flesh.

At the beginning it might be easy to accept a meat eater, love can hide all defects but after some years big differences could mine the relationship.

I didn't, but I noticed we had some difficulty accepting some differences between us in behavior and other little things, at the beginning is easy the magic of love helps so much but then after years could be harder tolerate differences we had to work so hard on accepting its.


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