Hello! I'm a new vegetarian and I'm going camping next month. I was wondering what foods I could bring to replace hot dogs and all that stuff! One idea I have Portbello mushroom burger and lots of veggies. So is there any recipes ideas I could bring with me camping? :) 

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yo moose.. i got brought up at festivals and always have been veggie so i am sure i got some tips! :P

baked potatoes! really easy to do.. wrap in foil and thrown them in the fire embers at the side of the fire.. can do sweet potatoes also, quicker to cook and twice as yummy! :P
lots of salads don't keep if you are going away for a bit.. so sticking to vegetables rather than leafy things is often better :)
there are veg hotdogs out there.. they don't keep as long as tinned hotdogs, but you could buy some and they will last a day or two if they are kept cold.. 
pasts dishes are easy to do.. pasta sauce/pasta keeps pretty well so you will have the option to eat it for a few days 

but for the most part, its quite easy to eat when camping :D i am very fussy and won't use peoples bbq that is or has had meat cooked on it.. so i end up sticking to lots of fresher foods! 

hope any of this may help.. all a bit of a ramble! :P 

Don't forget your vegan graham or cookie and marshmallows so you can bake your marshmallows until soft and sandwich it between your cookies. =) You can also bring some dried fruits (cranberries, blueberry, apricot, dates, etc.), nuts/ seeds (pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, cashew, almond, etc.)  and oats to make delicious breakfast. The oats can be sprinkled into other soups to make them more filling and to thicken. Dark chocolate is an energising snack that melts far less readily than milk chocolate.

Get some vegan marshmallows and stuff for roasting and I always bring tofu dogs


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