I wonder...I have some body ache right now and some inflamation of the tendon muscles around the area and I have often heard that aspirin will merely mask the pain and not cure it...

but I have also heard that aspirin reduces inflamation. it says that on the bottle. so isn't it also true that if the inflamation is reduced than the muscles have a better chance of healing quickly? and in that case, aspirin is a really good idea to take when muscle pain develops?

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That should be well within the limit. =) If my memory is right, the new maximum is 6 tablet per day.

There are two practices that will eliminate the need for anti-inflammatory drugs. First, a diet rich in alkalizing, whole foods that include herbs, spices, vinegars, healthy fats, fruits and veggies supplemented by drinking mostly water only which all promote healthy tissue and organ function. 2nd, eliminating all processed foods, inorganic foods and non-juiced liquids other than organic teas and tonics and of course water.

Most inflammation whether deep in our muscles and tendons or on the surface of our skin in the form of acne can be controlled by a well rounded, mostly raw, whole foods diet IMHO :) Keep in mind if you're over weight or just getting started, it may take time to reach optimum health but it can be done.

I like Charlotte Gersons take on food. Its a good starting point.

Hey Alice:) Are you certain that vinegar is alkaline? I use it to remove burn stains from stainless steel pots. It seems more like acid.

I think it is alkaline. If you drink vinegar...then you don't get an acid taste or feeling in the tummy and it is rather soothing sometimes which probably means that it is alkaline. Perhaps it is like lemon which is acid but behaves like an acid, but the opposite.

I actually eat lime instead of lemon. Because lemon came from the lime and it is rather acidic. I believe vinegar to be highly acidic. Apple cider vinegar is milder but still acidic. Maybe you could try testing the ph?

this was a reply by Anne previously and down below...

What Alice and Fruitfly's reference on "vinegar is alkaline" is actually short-hand for vinegar will affect the body's fluid to be alkaline.

so probably safe I guess?

I'll join in, since I realise that what Michelle Crowe is referring to is different from what Alice B and Fruitfly are referring to in this discussion.

Michelle is quite correct that vinegar is acidic according to its chemical composition as it's primarily composed of acetic acid and water.

What Alice and Fruitfly's reference on "vinegar is alkaline" is actually short-hand for vinegar will affect the body's fluid to be alkaline. So the concept is that the food's chemical pH doesn't mean that when consumed by the body, it will cause the body fluid's pH to be the same as the food's chemical pH. If you take something like sugar, whose chemical pH is neutral when consumed it actually causes the body fluid to becomes acidic.

Anne hits the nail on the head once again!!! Spot on...spot on!

Hi Fruitfly:) You are correct that medication masks (suppresses) the inflamation (mucus). I recommend avoiding foods that cause severe inflamation: dairy products, soy, fats and eat citrus fruit as they dissolve mucus. If you are into herbal remedies, you could take a good blood purifier like Burdock or Dandelion...

I hope this helps. Be well....

thanks for the reminder. I never thought about the fact that some foods might be helping the inflamation at all. That makes sense though.

acv & lemon juice are -yes acidic-, but alkaline in their function...they´re alkaline, so, they´re alkaline, downright..." le citron " is a true miracle of nature !...the juice of  6 or 8 lemons a day, keeps the devil at bay...

acv removes body pain, in hip, muscles and in shinbone to name but this, rub in daily but again, only if you include it in your diet, daily and always...pain in muscles and hip go away....

shortly to herbal teas, they remove pains and in cases diseases too, but they don´t if you only use them for a certain period of time, so you need to include them in your diet and drink lots of them... again, everyday, and as to burdock that Michelle Crowe recommended, burdock is indeed an excellent blood- purifier and proven belongs to the herbs that soon kick in...(on the margin, very good against hair loss, very well known)...

and as I am in the habit of mentioning in all my posts how important water is no matter the topic, without enough water, (herbal teas or liquid in general), nothing´s going to benefit your body, because only liquid gets or conveys the minerals contained in the food we eat, to where they´re needed, for otherwise they " go unsung " in the daily morning session in a ball of only partly ground food...the more liquid, the more minerals the organism absorbs...we eat 3 and 4 times a day because we don´t get enough minerals from the food we eat, which is due to the fact that we  drink too little...

---Fruitfly, how about hot showers, as hot as you can bear ? how about frictioning your body with acv -the cloudy one- , at least there where you have pain ? and even drink of it, just one or 2 soonfuls diluted in cold water...please check it out...please unconditionally and without  the " I heard and they said " ...please try it...without expecting a result tomorrow though

all the best


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