Blundering Hunter Leaves Deer Wandering With An Arrow Through Its Head

This horrifying picture was taken of a deer that wandered into a New Jersey garden.

his deer with an arrow shot cleanly through its head was spotted and photographed by resident Susan Darrah.

She says she was shocked to see the deer at her home in Boonton with a dart wedged through its muzzle.

'Shocked': Susan Darrah said she took this photo of a deer impaled by an arrow in her New Jersey back yard

'Want to know what sucks? THIS!' She posted on her Facebook page, 'Tried to capture him to no avail... he can eat, run and there's no blood, less chance of infection. I just feel so bad for him.'

The animal wasn't bleeding and didn't appear to be frightened, she claimed.

Ms Darrah immediately contacted animal control and they turned up the same day but were unable to catch the animal. She said the deer was a regular visitor to her back garden.

Deer are attracted to her large property thanks to a big pear tree and its location next to the Split Rock Reservoir.

'I know a lot of hunters and I know that was nothing done intentionally,' Ms Darrah told her local paper. 'I'm sure if any hunter saw him, they would have been kind of enough to put him down.'

Bow hunting for deer is legal in all 50 states, but ethical hunters aim for the body

Ms Darrah spoke to a Fish and Wildlife representative and followed their advice to put out a supply of corn for the deer, which appeared to be travelling in a herd with four others.

The state Division of Fish and Wildlife sent out a crew to the area looking for the deer, and spokesman Bob Considine said the department would tranquilize the animal in the hopes of removing the arrow.

Ms Darrah said they told her to call them as soon as the deer reappeared in her back garden and they would try to catch it. 

Her efforts to help the animal were applauded by her friends on Facebook after she posted the image, taken from her back fence, and many of them expressed their sadness at deer's plight.

She posted on her Facebook page: 'I've been on "deer watch" since just before 5am. I have NJ Fish and Wildlife alerted.

'I am also sure this was not done intentionally. Any hunters I know would have looked for this deer knowing they missed a clean shot. In addition to that, all the hunters I know, hunt for food.'

New Jersey's Division of Fish and Wildlife sent out a crew and is looking for the wounded animal


  • Bow hunting is legal in all 50 states
  • Anywhere there's rifle season also has a bow season - but it usually starts a few weeks earlier
  • Less deer are harvested each year than by rifle hunters, mainly due to difficulty
  • Ethical bow hunters aim for the body, not the head
  • New Jersey has three bow hunting seasons spanning the fall and winter

Source: Justin Zarr,

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Oh that totally sucks! Poor thing :(

Strange info; "ethical bow hunters aim for the body"

I wonder what methods "ethical" rapists use on their victims!

Do people even know what ETHICAL means?

Very right, Wayne


You can't be serious, right?
Firstly, concerning population control, nature has it's own way to balance itself out, it doesn't need hunters to do that... Also, deer wouldn't be hit by cars, if drivers were more carefull when driwing on forest roads and where it is marked, that there may be deer around...

Secondly, yeah, we totaly eat grass and berries harvested from forests and not vegetables that are grown on specialy designed fields...

Deer overpopulation is certainly an issue, especially in countries where natural deer predators have been removed from the ecosystem. In Britain for example, we have no large predators so the deer population increases in an uncontrolled fashion.

Bear in mind that it's not just the impact upon human activities* that are taken into consideration when culling is proposed, but also the impact upon other species within the ecosystem. I suspect that the impact on human activities bears more weight though...

The most sustainable and 'humane' method of controlling deer populations would be the reintroduction or protection of predator species. Measures to protect unintentional deer food from deer might also help somewhat. Hunting is obviously cruel, especially when instances of the OP are taken into consideration, but also just a method that addresses the symptoms rather than the cause/s of imbalance within an ecosystem.

*some, such as the slaughter of natural predators and overwintering crops, of which promote 'artificial' deer numbers.

Human overpopulation is also an issue, what do we do?

International equality might be a start, I dunno. You tell me mate.

Exactly! Deer overpopulation is relative to whom is speaking, human. You don't own the Earth but you invade everybody else's space!

Yeah, it's very humane to be ripped apart by predators. The best way would be to eradicate them all or spay/neuter. I'd rather make them extinct, because the human virus will never stop infecting them.

Please! Just STFU!!! Your logic is biased... But ridiculous! Keep quiet and let the grown-ups talk you silly asshole!

You are right Wayne!


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