did you know there are benefits to eating the peels of bananas? i give you a run down of the health benefits and show you the weird way i eat bananas. from antioxidant power to weight loss to eyesight, eating banana peels can give you the boost you need.

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Now I feel less of a freak. After learning that the most nutritious part of many fruits and vegetables is that which is closest to the skin, it became the norm for me to, at the very least, eat the pith. That's why it takes me longer to finish, say, an orange or, yes, a banana! Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone.

sure thing :)  i really love that part of fruit….and yes it does take a little more time :)

Hello guys: i was searching for great books about vegetarian and stuffs and i found this one , its absolutly perfect . Now you can cook by your self a handsome meals : Now you can make your own dishes with Kristina book :D order it now !

wow! this is a good video, ha ha I thought this was a little crazy. Im going to try this now!

:)  give it a go!  it's not for everyone but i like it :)

I really hate fruits. Eating banana peels is way beyond imagination. Thankfull to God for not being overweight.

I cannot imagine hating fruit!


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