I joined this website because I needed to vent my anger. I just didn't have a place that could possibly understand so out of frustration here I am. I don't know if it'll do any good to write this but here goes. It's just crazy, my husband had a coupon to go to Spring Creek BBQ. He's not a vegetarian but he supports my right to be one. I've been a vegetarian almost two years. So we go there for dinner. It's buy one get one free. But when I went to pay the manager said he wouldn't honor the coupon because they don't have vegetable plates and the coupon was not for that, he said I need to get some meat to get the dinner for free. I said I don't want any meat and he said,too bad, pay full price. My husband who was behind me in line said, let's go to Colters instead, but I said no let's go ahead and get it, we're in line with our food so he paid for it. We sat down and ate but neither one of us felt good about it. I'm so pissed it hurts. I think he probably had corporate ok to do that because I emailed them about it and I haven't heard back. Has anybody else had this kind of experience or am I the only person vulnerable enough and stupid enough to go to a beef house as a vegetarian?
Thanks for listening.

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Sorry that happened to you Gale. I don't eat out much in general but when I've gone to nonvegetarian places in the past I've found that most try to be accommodating. Maybe the manager is inexperienced and trying to do everything by the book or maybe he's inconsiderate, I don't know, but don't beat yourself up about it. It's not worth it. It's nice that your husband supports you :)

I would check their policy other than that, I would just go to Vegetarian/Vegan restaraunt or an establishment that caters to both and move on. . :)

We have a restraint close to us that has a vegiterian section on there menu that surprised me but vegetarian stuff is always more expensive than food with meat I never understand why?   

I sympathize with you. I've had people say to me, You don't eat meat? What's wrong with you? For me, being a Vegetarian is a moral and ethical choice.
I used to dislike explaining ober and over why I don't eat meat. Now, I just say..I am allergic to meat to simplify my response :)

I've used that one before :)

Why lose the chance to let people know how much cruelty is in meat and dairy?  Most people have no idea.  They think farms and slaughterhouses are humane!


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