Do you think that vegetarians/ vegans are generally more attractive than those who eat meat?

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I think it's true to an extent. I believe you do feel an attraction to people when they tell you they are a vegetarian because you share this compassion for animals. I find this with men or women - it's knowing you have something in common that is close to your heart and there lies the attraction. But having said that, to me my partner is the most attractive person in my life and he eats meat so I think it just comes down to your own tastes in the end. 

Although I do not know many vegetarians, I myself feel that I am more healthy. Usually that means healthier skin, hair, nails and even posture. Possibly whiter teeth too!

For most vegetarians its about being healthy from the inside. Looking healthy is a bonus!

Nope. Being vegetarian doesn't mean you can't be a jerk.

When I found out Joseph Gordon-Levitt smoked cigarettes it made me think of him as being less attractive. Physically he's still handsome and charming, but knowing he smokes just kinda lessened it a bit..

I could see how, for some people, eating meat would warrant a similar reaction.

Compassion is damn sexy to me.

In the long run, people who are eating fruit and veggies will look better because the diet slows the aging process. I wrote a post about it: The True Cause Of Aging: Baldness & Greying Of Hair


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