Do you think that vegetarians/ vegans are generally more attractive than those who eat meat?

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Lol in what sense? Physically? I don't think diet has anything to do with people's bone structures. Unless their diet brings them unclear skin or something, I don't really notice physical differences between the two. I think it can be attractive as an idea, because it's something you yourself believe and may find appealing in a partner.

True ;-)


If a vegetarian/vegan takes their diet seriously as a motivation to decrease harm towards living beings, then at least energetically, I would say that their body would emit something beautiful, as in the "aura."

Some vegetarians/vegans may be so for only diet/health purpose which at least might yield cleaner skin, due to less toxins from meat in the body.

Still though, the first point about the aura being more clean/more beautiful would also depend on the numerous other activities of the vegan/vegetarian.  I can imagine in some cases a meat eater doing less harm overall in the world even less than a vegan/vegetarian. It depends on the activities of the individual and diet is just one action.  I don't see for instance any reason to view a vegan in a world war killing innocent people to be surely more beautiful than a person who harms no one but eats eggs.

Very enlightening!;-)

your message is a no show!!! try again?

Tell me more about this biological effect that you mentioned earlier. #pertainingtothesmellmeateatersemit

you can differentiate the smell if you practise vegetarianism long enough. the odour in the breath will tell one whether eat meat or not.

I think it's very much depends on the definition of "attractiveness" by each individual.


Only in the "compassion is sexy" way and that you don't see obese vegs

Interesting! Overall, I do agree that there may not be that many obese vegs; yet,there could be individuals who are obese due to a very unhealthy vegan diet, especially those who consume vast amount of empty calories that do not contain nutrients for the body to utilize.


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