“So, you are a vegetarian/vegan? What do you eat?”

People often thought Veg* Diet is boring. But reality is: Vegetarian/Vegan diet is Healthy, delicious and kindest diet ever!

Let’s share more of Yummy Veg* Dishes with others, so they can discover how wonderful Vegetarian/Vegan diet can be.

Viva Vegetarian/Vegan!!!! ♥

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They all think I eat grass and even calling me a goat! But I don't care, I love the colorful garden salad on my plate. ;)

I make a lot of stir-fry with brown rice noodles instead of rice because my family actually likes it better.  I also love making alfredo sauce from coconut milk and eating the sauce over mushrooms and broccoli.  Vegan cooking is all about trying new things and being willing to ex8eriment.  Vegweb is fantastic for getting new reci8es.  For my daughter, I have Vegan Lunch Box and there are some wonderful ideas for kids' meals.  Oh, and in reference to the above chart: that is extremely accurate!!  My family always jokes that they will go out and get some more turf and bark for me to eat! But, I have to say that they have really come around over the last year or so and gotten much better...thanks to Dr. Furham and Dr. Oz. It's amazing what some science and facts will do for your side of the argument!

Mushrooms and Broccoli sounds good

People automatically think i eat rabbit food (veggies) which is true. But that's not all i eat, xD

I eat hay !

Nice pic of the hay by the way. I tried it and its a little dry. The horses love it. They can make anything look like the most amazing meal. They eat carrots and the dog just has to have one. They eat apples and the dog likes them now too.

The funny thing is, to make meat and dairy products really taste good, food companies use lots of differents herbs or spices or cooking techniques in order to get is tasting really good.... Do people not understand that you can apply the same herbs, spices and cooking techniques to non animal foods and make them taste great also!?

Think about it. No one really loves the taste of boiled chicken in nothing but water... so the really delicious part of a chicken is the part that is added to it, which is never from an animal! lol backwards meat eaters. Jeez!

Agreed.  I went to this restaurant one time to find they actually grill their salads.  Me not eating red meat in almost 2 years didn't want chicken so I got a salad without meat.  They grill the lettuce and onions then added cucumbers, Tomatoes and dressing.  Really nice way of having a salad really!

Hit the nail on the head there. It's the stuff they do to a dead chicken that makes it taste good to them, and you can do that stuff to anything. Being a veggie makes you a better cook; you have to use your imagination... And lots of smokey paprika, in our case!

I eat what i like ... ;-)
but nothing with eyes in the background .... milk have also eyes!!

The truth is..we eat totally healthy and nutritious food. They think I eat grass...hahahaha!

I thought this was about what we eat. I read some comments and haven't found anyone discussing what people eat. I drink milk which is a very easily digestible protein. I like eggs and veggies and have a garden in summer. I roasted a nice pan of garden veggies the other day. I eat salads and beans.


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