“So, you are a vegetarian/vegan? What do you eat?”

People often thought Veg* Diet is boring. But reality is: Vegetarian/Vegan diet is Healthy, delicious and kindest diet ever!

Let’s share more of Yummy Veg* Dishes with others, so they can discover how wonderful Vegetarian/Vegan diet can be.

Viva Vegetarian/Vegan!!!! ♥

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What my boss thinks I eat, HAHAHA that one is amazing :P!!

I agree :P 

LOOL priceless! so true!

why promote vegetarianism when Dairy is responsible for more death than meat?

VEGANISM is the ONLY ethical choice.


I am all for Vegetarianism and Veganism, but it is really annoying when people force their beliefs on others. Semi-attacking someone for following a different path of Vegetarianism. Is this religion or..?

No one is attacking or forcing anything on anyone. He/She is having an opinion. If it offends you, you may find it more productive in analysing why you are so upset with someones opinion.

It is the commenter's opinion that veganism is the only ethical lifestyle choice, I'm assuming, in regard to animals and the environment in general. Wayne Bond has made a very good point here. Perhaps it would be wise to take his advice.

I agree

I immediatly searched for a like button after reading your comment, I couldn't agree more. I'm a vegetarian myself but some of these guys make me sick, make us all look bad actualy. Nazi vegan intolerant bastards. 

Just stop it. You make the rest of us vegans look bad. First off many people use vegetarianism as a stepping stone to veganism. Secondly, even if they have no intentions of becoming vegan, wouldn't you rather they at least take some steps to stop the madness than none at all.

Lets start practicing compassion to ALL animals INCLUDING the human race. We have been misguided for a very long time, and that's not going to change over night, so take a breath and notice the progress being made.

huh? I wasn't being offensive or derogatory towards Amy. Why is everyone so angry? Amy is angry at that person with a crazy name, you're angry at me. And you lecture me about compassion, somewhat ironically.

In all seriousness, I wasn't having a go at Amy, I was just pointing out that there was nothing said that was forcing a belief or attacking a choice. I guess you could say he/she made statements without backing up what he/she was saying with anything tangible, which in turn kind of does make his/her opinion look like an attack. It was not an effective way of communicating his/her point, I do concede. 

Man, take a look at the arrows, Megan is replaying to 3a8gu3rsbx4bw. Nothing against you ;)


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