“So, you are a vegetarian/vegan? What do you eat?”

People often thought Veg* Diet is boring. But reality is: Vegetarian/Vegan diet is Healthy, delicious and kindest diet ever!

Let’s share more of Yummy Veg* Dishes with others, so they can discover how wonderful Vegetarian/Vegan diet can be.

Viva Vegetarian/Vegan!!!! ♥

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lol I never noticed the arrows, now I know :)

Exactly. I've read here once someone claiming to have stopped eating meat but still eating fish, and extremists like these started criticizing right away, as if he was supposed to turn vegan over night, It's ridiculous, at least he was making an effort, I wish all people would start by doing the exact same thing. 

Well said

Maybe they're promoting vegetarianism because at least that's better than eating meat.  So if somebody is at least a vegetarian they are helping animals more than somebody who eats meat.  Even if a person does something little, it's still better than doing nothing.  That's great that you're a vegan but don't put down others who are vegetarians.   

The word VEGAN wasn't "invented" until 1944. Before that, vegetarian covered both all forms of abstaining from animal flesh or products. Vegetarian isn't a bad word. Vegan is also known as "Strict Vegetarian." In other words, don't assume and don't judge.

Just a FYI, just to clarify a misleading statement you made, while Vegan is also known as Strict vegetarian or in some cases total vegetarian or these days "plant based" seems to be the latest trend, they are actually completely different things.

Vegan is a lifestyle, meaning that it affects everything in your daily life because vegans avoid ALL animal products, for example no leather belts, no woolen jumpers no pillows full of feathers and so on.

But strict vegetarians only care about animal products being in their food. They can continue to wear leather or in some rare cases have clothes with a little bit of fur on it and they are ok with that because they are strict vegetarians and not vegans.

I say this not as a criticism but more as a FYI for all people because the word VEGAN is used incorrectly by so many people even on these pages. I think overall it doesn't matter much, I just wanted to put a clarification out there for people who like to used words in their correct context and saying "Vegan is also known as "Strict Vegetarian."" for me is misleading. Vegan is sometimes wrongly known as "strict vegetarian" would be more accurate.

Thanks Wayne. My point was that many people who do practice the vegan lifestyle refer to themselves as vegetarians when discussing diet. Assuming someone who calls her/himself a vegetarian is someone who consumes dairy or eggs isn't necessarily accurate. Having been an ovo-lacto vegetarian for 19 years before converting to veganism 12 years ago, I've learned that lashing out and judging is not the best way to inspire others. I initially became a vegetarian because I love animals - not for dietary reasons. That was the beginning of my journey. I learned about the atrocities committed for the sake of dairy and eggs along the way. It took time, but I eventually switched to the Vegan lifestyle including diet, clothing, personal care products, household cleaning products, etc. So, if someone is taking steps in the right direction, let's help them continue with that journey rather than lashing out because they have not completed it yet. Very few of us started out as Vegans.  Most of us went through a process to get there.


You started off good and fair but then to label someone a "Whacko" and "extremist" at the end kind of lowers you to his level of effectiveness.

There is nothing extreme in wanting no animal to ever be harmed when it is factually unnecessary for a human to harm any species in order to survive, wanting everyone to stop killing and abusing animals when we can live perfectly without them is NORMAL, not extreme. It's not even Whacko to want that, I think it is natural for humans to WANT the world to be perfect.

However, I actually think very much along the same lines as you, I fully agree with "Be glad that anybody is interested or even interested cutting back their meat consumption or even maybe a "meatless monday". It's not about being "pure", it's about fewer animals walking down that chute." That part is spot on.

Everything you wrote after that is a contradiction of the the point you put across perfectly. Fighting an offensive post with loaded words when you already put your point across so well.

But as I said, the main thing is that anyone eating less meat or no meat is definitely much better than nothing! And no one has the right to hate on others who make that choice. Support and information/education is the only thing strangers need exchange in these situations.

Ironic post of you defending yourself when I already agreed that the main thing is that anything that creates less harm to animals is a good thing. If it makes YOU feel better to label passionate vegans extreme and whacko and then in your other hand ask them to stop insulting vegetarians choices then keep your twisted view of reality, whatever works out best, it really does not matter in the end because anyone who understands that there is genuine need to cut down meat production and then acts in some way to make a reduction is a good person in my books (so again I agree with you btw).

im trying and i will be vegan someday... and you are right is the ONLY ethicl choice 

There is a great deal of those, including myself, who take a first step by choosing a vegetarian lifestyle. I know it's not the best choice for a number of reasons but it is a stepping stone and many people fall into this category. I am now aspiring to be vegan. What is the % of meat-eaters who go vegan cold turkey?

Really nice :-D Can I share it? :-)


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