I just wanted to know if this happens to other people, but my friends say, "Oh, you are a vegetarian? Here, have some carrots." I mean, come on. I can eat more tham fruit and vegetables. I almost eat more things than meat- eaters. I have been a vegetarian for 2 years, and my family always trys to make me eat meat and tease me about it.

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The trick is to not get offended. Practice letting it go, it helps.

It frustrates me when I am out with a meat-eater friend and we find a place they want to eat at but I find nothing vegetarian - sometimes not even a salad. It happened to me when we went on a road trip and we found a bakery (one of the only places open) and I couldn't find a pie or a scroll that didnt have meat. This "friend" bought a meat pie, laughed at me, lifted her pie to my face and said "Mmmm, cow. So what will you have?". I was NOT amused. I ordered something sweet and loved every bite! Needless to say, we are no longer friends.

There is so much variety out there but sometimes places just aren't stocked up enough and it's frustrating. I'm also trying to eat raw which makes it even harder but, funnily enough, I never hear a single comment when I say that I'm on a raw food diet. Everyone thinks it's fascinating...but you say you're vegetarian and you get that 'Oh, you're one of THEM' looks. People are strange.

yes all the time. they often think that all i can eat is salad and veggies..when there is soo much more out there.

yeah i get this allot mate but later especially after a long time your friends tend to drop it . Some people even find you intriguing haha :) 

i used to be really thin in highschool so people used to make fun of me and say go eat a burger or something. But i see its benefits we do look younger and we are healthier 

ive also noticed something : im a med student now so theres allot of literature supporting us infact our kidney filter much faster and we have an alkaline ph which is much more healthier :) 

It happens to me all the time! I live in a small town where everybody except me is a meat eater! They tease me all the time about being a vegan asking me what do I eat or if I really think that me not eating meat will save animals from being killed... at first these comments used to make me really angry, but now I don't care anymore! I am what I am and most of all I love the fact that I am standing up for somenthing I truely believe in! Be proud of yourself and ignore them...

There are some friends that tease me always because I'm a vegetarian. They don't take this thing seriously. They are meat lovers. However, I got used to it and I don't pay attention to what they say.


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