I just wanted to know if this happens to other people, but my friends say, "Oh, you are a vegetarian? Here, have some carrots." I mean, come on. I can eat more tham fruit and vegetables. I almost eat more things than meat- eaters. I have been a vegetarian for 2 years, and my family always trys to make me eat meat and tease me about it.

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I see it as..if you let it get to you, then it will..my uncle is a hunter, and I love him and he jokes about my diet, but ina  playful manner..he knows it's important to me..it's not like he calls it stupid, so what if they make fun of you..laugh with them..its makes the jokes hurt alot less more if youre letting them get to you, I just laugh and walk away without leaving any thoughts of disdain behind me..if you let those things get to you then theres nothing you can really do..I just take it..but if it bothers you that much then I dont have much else to say..I for one dont like looking antisocial just bc I get teased..someone on my extended family thoguht I was gay bc I'm a veggie, and I just laughed

I haven't gotten the carrot or grass jokes yet, but I've seen other people get them. I suppose I got the stereotype of "caring more about animals than people", bit. Which I find highly ironic, since the privilege of meat is what maintains starvation in other countries. Sigh

lol I've gotten grass too 

Someone last night asked me if all I ate was salads though I wasn't offended. I told the person I eat much more than salads haha,

Ugh, I was telling someone I was vegan and they go, "Oh that's okay I can make you a salad, I make great salads" and they were trying to be nice so I didn't say anything, but it was pretty offensive lol.

Oh my! I was at my boyfriend's sister's house for Christmas Eve and a younger kid asked me about veggie burgers. I told him some of the frozen stuff is ok but it's best to make them yourself fresh or have them freshly made at a restaurant. He was very interested and said he wants to try one now. Yay for a little encouragement :)

How is that offensive? Someone was offering to adjust what they are making to accommodate your dietary needs or at least what they perceived them to be. I see kindness there, not offense. 

I tell them, I eat hay and if they call me a cow – I am not offended.

I dont get offended by anything like that anymore..my beliefs my own, there beliefs there own, I respect someone elses religion..why not there diet, be the bigger person..and dont act like your better than them bc we can refrain from eating meat..just let it go and move on, shrugg it off if you must, they just wan a reaction, give them that and they have the power, leave them with nothing and that power is taken away..be yourself.respect others, live the way you see fit, if its doing the right thing then thats a bonus, y uncle is a hunter and shoots a veggie joke at me at least a few times a day, before it phased me but well now..I just learn to let it go..and hes not trying to be mean, he just likes to tease me, he respects my choices..and even defends me when people call me gay or weird for not eating meat..see he may eat meat..but at least he respects my views..i cant ask for much more really (:

The stereotype I get way too much is "protein-deprived." Whenever I see my parents they always fuss about me eating protein-rich foods. It gets annoying because I'm not protein deprived at all.

The only way you can be have protein deficiency is if you're not eating...ugh the protein question/statements bug me. :p   ...but i love it when they're like oh but is that healthy? Then i say...do i look sick??? It always make them stop and think and then they give a slow "nooooooo".          >:] heeeheehheee

Yeah, the "protein-deprived" thing is very silly. (Where do gorillas get all their protein anyway? Not from meat!)


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