Are you an Angry Vegan-Or a Thoughtful Vegan? (for vegetarians too!)

I think everyone(vegan & vegetarian) should ready this article and take in what it has to say. I have been running into some nasty ass angry vegans lately and I truly believe their attitudes and self righteous comments are a detriment to our cause- I admit that sometimes I am angry and frustrated with my fellow humans because of their blindness and the select few with their inability to care- but in general I strive to be a thoughtful Vegan- we cannot condemn, hate, bash and ridicule others who are not like minded like us- how will we ever change minds with hatred? How can we influence people with anger?

Please check out this article below by Andrew Kirschner and tell me what you think- Are you and angry vegan- or a thoughtful one?

Who is the angry vegan?

The angry vegan is always furious and shocked
that people are not making the same decisions
as the angry vegan.

The angry vegan has forgotten
that the angry vegan used to make
many of the same decisions.

The angry vegan has no patience
or understanding of cultural norms
or the time it takes people to transition
to a more thoughtful lifestyle.

The angry vegan makes statements like
“Nobody listens.”
“Nobody cares.”
“Nobody ever changes.”
“People suck.”

The angry vegan has unrealistic expectations
and shows constant disappointment and contempt
when those expectations are not met.
The angry vegan is more focused on
cursing, name-calling, and wishing ill upon people
than listening, inspiring, supporting, and resolving.

The angry vegan dismisses anyone who disagrees
and only talks to the choir.
The angry vegan makes statements such as
“I wish all meat-eaters would die”
even if most of them have never learned the truth
about animal agriculture
or been given the opportunity to process it and change.

The angry vegan doesn’t know how
to channel energy to impact reforms
so the angry vegan spends countless hours
venting disgust in public forums.
The angry vegan fails to understand
the difference between activism that alienates
and strategic advocacy that motivates.

The angry vegan is combative and sad
and looks to engage in wild rants
where there are no winners.

The angry vegan rarely ever celebrates small victories for animals
or congratulates people for making incremental progress.
For the angry vegan, it is an all or nothing proposition
often presented in all capital letters:

The angry vegan scoffs at heroes for the cause
like Ellen Degeneres, Pink, and Paul McCartney,
and rather than commending them for using their fame and money
to promote kindness to animals to their millions of fans
and cheer them on to do more
seeks to find fault with their imperfections
and demonizes them as traitors and impostures.

The angry vegan agitates prospective vegans
and fuels them to make comments such as
“I’m going to eat more meat because of you.”

Conversely, the thoughtful vegan does not get goaded
because the thoughtful vegan understands
the importance of rising above the fray
when the opposition’s sole purpose is argument.

The angry vegan becomes irate and critical
when other vegans do not attend a protest
or donate to a cause
whereas the thoughtful vegan
expresses gratitude to everyone
who attends an event or makes a donation.

The thoughtful vegan knows when to engage
when to disengage
when to smile
when to ignore an inflammatory comment
when to move on
and when to offer praise.

The angry vegan is dismissive.
The thoughtful vegan is considerate.
The angry vegan demands.
The thoughtful vegan listens and helps.
The angry vegan has enemies.
The thoughtful vegan has followers.
The angry vegan tells people to love while hating.
The thoughtful vegan shows compassion to breed compassion.

The angry vegan posts comments such as
“Go vegan or go fu*k yourself.”
“Go vegan or kill yourself.”
“Wishing all humans death in the New Year.”
“Kids killed at an elementary school means fewer people eating animals.”
The angry vegan feels satisfied and justified
making these comments
but does not consider
how the public receives these messages.

The thoughtful vegan has no less
anger, frustration, or determination
but the thoughtful vegan understands
the importance of channeling it in a positive way
that appeals to the masses
to achieve measurable performance outcomes
to benefit animals, people’s health, and the environment.

The angry vegan finds fault with
most everything the thoughtful vegan does
because it’s never enough
and pits one vegan against another
rather than working together for a common cause.

The angry vegan will read this commentary
and get angry and defensive.
The angry vegan will lash out with comments
that dismiss diplomacy, legislation, and reason
and insist on immediate change
without a prescription to make it happen.

The angry vegan will make comments such as
“You’re damn right I’m angry”
without realizing that the angry vegan can be angry
while advocating thoughtfully.
The angry vegan will demand a vegan world now
and continue being an angry vegan
until one day the angry vegan becomes
the thoughtful vegan.

What type of vegan are you?
If you are not a vegan, which one of these vegans might influence you more?

 Original Written By: Andrew Kirschner can be found here:

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I am the same way! I get angry when people disrespect me because I'm vegan or if they disrespect the animals- I cannot and will not tolerate that.

I am a Thoughtful vegetarian. 

Thats great Liliana :) Thoughtful is fantastic!

Thoughtful vegan.

I'm a thoughtful vegetarian. I feel we lead by example. I wld be more apt to follow someone with a smile and joy in their life than one who is condemning and angry all the time. Just as all my vegan friends are influencing my journey toward becoming vegan. :)

I completely agree more about the religious/ spiritual point you made Gerret!

I cannot tell you how many 'religious' people I know who not only continue their animal cruelty infused lifestyle but also try to justify it with their religion and their 'Holier than now opinions'.

There is no excuse once you are informed about these things that you should continue contributing to them. I find living this way very easy- so I know everyone can do it. The lack of compassion in people makes me ill and indeed angry.

-Great input Gerret, Thank you :)

Not at all Gerret! You did not say anything that wasn't true :) I get angry many times at people, it's very hard not too with all this cruelty and injustice happening. I'm sorry your day has not been the best-and I know just what clip you're talking about. It hit me hard too!

I'm a vegetarian, but neither angry nor thoughtful

Chapeau for this topic!

Thoughtful btw :-)

Thank you for addressing this.  I own a plant-based personal chef and cooking class service, and for all of the reasons listed for "angry" vegans, I have purposely stopped using the word "vegan" in my business.  I frequently open cooking classes by asking people what comes to mind when they hear the word "vegan" and it is never positive.  One person compared it to Greenpeace- nice people, good intentions, but the methods used often turn people off.  As much as I would like to think otherwise, I don't believe that people are going to stop eating meat anytime soon, and the more we berate them for their choices, while asking for understanding for our own choices, the less chance we have to influence.  Unfortunately I know far too many angry vegans who fall over themselves preaching compassion but are intolerant of those who choose to eat meat. Thank you again, this is really an important topic in my opinion. 

Sometimes I'm angry, sometimes I'm not. I'm naturally aggressive when it comes to communication, but I have learned to keep my mouth shut till everybody has had a chance to voice their opinions so I don't make myself look like an ass. Some Vegans are angry for sure, and I think this has to do with what their eating. The body needs so many nutrients, yet kids who claim to be vegan are still cramming high carb high fat junk food and washing it down with caffeine loaded drinks and not getting their fiber or vitamins like they should. Combined with the fact that perhaps they haven't been veg/vegan for very long, and their body is still adjusting. I think these things can cause one to be aggressive. It's a serious choice to stop eating blood, and the body needs years to make the proper changes. I've also heard that low serum cholesterol can make a difference in someone's mental health, which is why I still eat organic renetless cheese occasionally.


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