I'm not sexist or biases; I think both genders have great capabilities for being compassionate.Is it a stereotype that woman are more compassionate than men?.If we're looking at it from a scientific stand point of view,our brains are wired differently.We process emotions differently then men.Most of the time generalizations are generally never accurate.We all engage in both nurturing and fierce expressions of compassion.Love,compassion,kindness are natural to all of us, men and women, in their varied forms of expression..So,what's your opinions are women more compassionate than men??

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I always had that mindset when I was younger. But, as time went on...I've noticed they can be MUCH more vicious. I used to hold women on a higher pedestal because I was raised by a single mother in a family of women. I guess I just expect more from them. No offense to anyone, here. I know everyone is different, I'm just stating my opinion...Like, I expect hunting and animal abuse more from men than women and I find it much trashier and offensive when women do it. I suppose I've just always thought of females as the more compassionate, classy, nurturing, graceful sex.

I believe that all people are inherently somewhat selfish. A baby has a natural bond with its mother, it was carried by its mother the mother feeds the baby and so therefore the baby responds more to the mother (generally). Women respond to babies because babies respond to women. Women respond with compassion because that is what is accepted and responded to by people. Just natural responsiveness in general. As for the victorian era and others where women gave away and killed their babies, same responsiveness. The responsiveness from the child did not out weigh the responsiveness of the culture towards them. Everyone is different. All people weigh the outcomes differently. Irregardless of gender how you weigh the importance of things will always be different. (sorry to make it so inanimate.)

It is all about how you have been raised. If your parents raised you to not show emotions and that crying is only weakness. In this case the men and women will do anything to prevent themselves from crying, because they where brought up that it is a weakness to cry. Same thing with showing compassion, it has to some extent to do with how the person was raised by their parents. Men and women can both bee compassionate. My  husband is the most compassionate man in existence and I know there are other compassionate men out there too.

If you analyse most of the criminals are men, most of the terrorists are men and almost all of the dictators were men. Osho( An Indian spiritual teacher ) once said, "Love, trust, beauty, sincerity, truthfulness, authenticity are all feminine qualities, and they are far greater than any qualities that man has."

I think what he said is true. The world survives on feminine qualities  

Such strong black-and-white statements since we know that data or scientific proof doesn't not show nor it does not support such claims that women or more compassionate then men.This self-reported difference in compassion expression is due to different socialization processes.

As I have stated in earlier:Girls are handed dolls and baby carriages to play with ( teaching nurturing and caring behaviors) and boys are handed superheroes and toy soldiers ( fighting, and protecting behaviors). When girls cry it is seen as normal but if boys do, they are often taught crying is a sign of weakness and is not “manly.” This is taught threw many years of socialization.When we start to except certain emotions are okay,it helps de-socialize, that having emotions is not less "manly" but act of being human.And,then that playing field is leveled 

Socialization in turn have impacted how men and women learned to communicate emotions such as kindness and compassion.Women have learned to express compassion more easily because its more socially exceptable  ,its doesn't make men less compassionate they express it different and with people more close to them.

In general, women are. I think much of it is based on societal expectations of men. 

You are right, All are equal when they are born. But the females  are trained to be more compassionate( OR show compassion ) compared to men.

Certainly we’d all like to live in a more compassionate world, wouldn’t we? I do not think compassionate is selective or gender related.Both genders can be quality compassionate on the same level tho socialization and different cultural environments plays huge roles.

Lots of men do not show compassionate openly as women do.Because?It's more socially acceptable for women to be more emotionally open then men and its not because they aren't equally as compassion as women.I agree, Ashleigh.It is a stereotype... A guy will be more compassionate, and open ,with someone close to him because its not socially acceptable.Not because he is less compassionate then a woman, men as women have social demands on them..And,a lot men are breaking that stereotype and mold..

If we want to live in a more compassionate world we need to both teach and model it to everyone.I don't believe either gender is capable of more compassion then the other.I also believe compassion can be learned and taught to each gender.

Again,rather than asking whether men or women are kinder or compassionate the question should rather be; What are the countless of beautiful forms in which compassion expresses itself?

you don't like which stereotype? 

people tend to go with the dominant cultural views. and, at least in the US men are taught to be tough and not so compassionate. 

You don't agree with what?

I don't think there's anything wrong in pointing out if men are less compassionate than women. I think the bigger part of that would be to discuss the 'why'.it's not pointing fingers if one is trying to figure out the reasons.

I never finger point ..lol.. Normally,when you do two points back at yourself. ;)

not sure , but based on my experience women use more feeling in every side of life, while a man use more logic thinking , ehh mybe that make women look more compassionate :)


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