I'm not sexist or biases; I think both genders have great capabilities for being compassionate.Is it a stereotype that woman are more compassionate than men?.If we're looking at it from a scientific stand point of view,our brains are wired differently.We process emotions differently then men.Most of the time generalizations are generally never accurate.We all engage in both nurturing and fierce expressions of compassion.Love,compassion,kindness are natural to all of us, men and women, in their varied forms of expression..So,what's your opinions are women more compassionate than men??

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By the way, your interruption of "we" is not a statement of, "I am speaking for a group or anyone".Its a statement "we" as individuals ... We can have a broader meaning of a in general statement. We all are different and its a factual statement.It's not a statement that I am speaking for anyone.You're misunderstanding ..

There are so much factors into this from a cultural and up brining lifestyle, but does women tend to gossip more than men =)

Yes women are more compassionate.

Show  me proof of this scientifically ?I think both genders have similar levels of compassion.  I would agree that socialized gender differences are more logical than genetic differences for different expressions of compassion in men and women. But,it does not show on a  scientific stand point of view that women are more compassionate or have more capability then men. We just see women more capable of it because its more acceptable in society for women to show then men.Doesnt make men less capable to show compassion on the save level as women.Men get a very bad rep in society if they act to compassionate toward things,they get labeled, called many different names, look down on etc..Which,I fine totally ridiculous.Socialization has everything to do with it and its not that men arent equal to the task or have the same level of compassion as we women do. Just society has deem it less manly which is also ridiculous..


Women and men are both same at being compationate. The mental stigma is what controls people. Men over women crap. I have seen women very compationate and women with some real time apathy. Men are said to be less because majority of them get to the outside world and deal with loads of formal relationship. Women that do what these men do will naturally fall into same breaket. I have seen men who are so compationate that their wives become embaraced for him. none is higher than other, only experience, decition and condition that determines.

Obviously as well as they have been scientifically proven to be smarter than men

I would say that most people do not impress me on the compassion side of things regardless of their gender. The "girly" girls that like fashion shopping are probably promoting environmental harm from the nonrenewable resource waste that most fashion industries do. The meat, fish, dairy, most fashion, and oil industries are terrible on the environment. And the environment has an impact on animals and people themselves. Some females gossip (excessive drama), get jealous when someone gets attracted to their intimate partner (psychological instability), hate (toxicity), etc. So, they don't really impress me all that much. Also, the greasemonkey girls aren't helping the environment, either. If humans went back to primitive times where technology and industries never exist, then the environment would heal much more. I, however, can't find myself living without internet, the source of knowledge if you go to the right websites. Curiosity sometimes gets the best of me...

Women are more LIFE / LOVE oriented rather than Pride ,money , Knowledge. 

Difference has nothing to do with HORMONES 

It is GODs creation , that only women can give birth to child. 

We all know the phscological fact that HABITS create character and character creates Human.We see so many educated beceome addicts of smoking, alcohol, prostitution. All because of HABITS , which they cannot break. Knowledge is like boat. Only when a person sits on it he can be safe. Boat by itself cannot save a drowning person It is society, leaders, culture, religion and above parents WHO have to help the child to buy a boat , sit in boat and to teach swimming under un favorable conditions. 

HABITS decide the destiny of this earth. 

Women have periods every month, Women get pregnant, Women feed milk , Women care children till they grow , THUS by nature WOMEN are habituated of showing love , so obviously Women know more about love and righteous living than MEN.

Men who have not put in such situations learn it slowly only. They can sense and respect it but still thier life is DUTY oriented. Example very few men can serve a ill mother or father or wife. They can afford for a maid to serve them. But women have natural tendency to care them .

THUS WOMEN are by nature inclined towards more loving . Exceptional men, women are there who have live in different environment. 


Women have to be more compassionate - it comes from their nature. Watch any animal documentary - females care, soothe, comfort (even males), males on the other hand have to care about the external situation more to provide safety and allow females to focus on upbringing of strong offspring. 

Yes woman is designed to be more compassionate than man because they need it to raise the offspring. Hence, when she must concern about survival, she could turn a lot crueler than man.

u r a sexist >( thinking that 1 can elude it by simply just saying ur not duznt change de fact for what u just wer asking n reading the tittle of ur other posts "Should Euthanasia b legal" "Should American families have two child max rule to limit population growth?" i wudnt say ur a compassionate purzon at all ;'( 


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