I'm not sexist or biases; I think both genders have great capabilities for being compassionate.Is it a stereotype that woman are more compassionate than men?.If we're looking at it from a scientific stand point of view,our brains are wired differently.We process emotions differently then men.Most of the time generalizations are generally never accurate.We all engage in both nurturing and fierce expressions of compassion.Love,compassion,kindness are natural to all of us, men and women, in their varied forms of expression..So,what's your opinions are women more compassionate than men??

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As for me, I think this is a cultural thing: girls are told to be nice and cute and to take care of their dolls, when boys are told to be strong and adventurous and to go fishing with their dad...

But actually, nowadays, a girl is allowed to deal with "boys'" matters, at least in our Occidental societies (she may have to fight some sexism, but she can do it).

So I think the main problem is that our modern societies still deny boys and men the right to have some so-said "feminine" parts: boys are still told that to be a "real man" they mustn't express their feelings, they should always be in à competion with each other, they should walk over anyone standing in their way.
This isn't the thing of parents (or not always) or school, this is what they learn from what they watch on TV (from cartoons to reality-shows), on the internet, from the toys they are go en as presents (how many families would give their little boys "My little pony" for Christmas instead of a Spider Man or à big truck?). And they also learn these "manly-values" from each other, from their friends especially when being teenagers. They are taught that, as men, they have to win respect, and that they have to win it by fighting, by not caring about the others, in other words, by not being "like a woman".

So if we want compassion to spread, I think we should educate our boys in a good way, from their birth to their independence.

Arthur Schopenhauer had a lot to say about the differences between sexes.

He wrote that "Women are directly fitted for acting as the nurses and teachers of our early childhood by the fact that they are themselves childish, frivolous and short-sighted". He claimed that "woman is by nature meant to obey", but also stated his belief that "women are decidedly more sober in their judgment than [men] are" and are more sympathetic to the suffering of others.

However, these are just opinions, and not actually based on anything.

The thing is, you can find a thousand studies on the internet relating to this debate. Some believe women may very well be more emotional than men, others believe that men are more emotional, but hide it better.

To me, it's more a case of how we all handle emotions. We all have different ways of expressing ourselves, and people typically look to generalizing, forgetting that we're all individuals; though I won't deny the fact that women and men obviously have unique characteristics that make up each sex.

Astrid made a very good point about culture, and how we're all affected by extraneous variables at a young age. That may very well explain why we see pink as being a 'girl colour'...

Sorry, but there's no clear answer to this one.

Very simply whilst there are always exceptions.

The average woman is more compassionate than the average man.

Sure! Because women biologically please themselves with and survive on emotions. The worst sin of yours is that your chemicals are so excessive that most of you have tempted the males to suck up all resources, make bloodshed and plague the Earth. Don't lie! Men actually do that for the foul smells of pee and shit instead of the real love that they actually know very little about. Therefore most men are assholes in nature.

But when it comes to the concern of offspring, women can be the cruelest animal on Earth. And the concern of offspring can never be satisfied. Does your sexual sensation always persist along the process of bringing up offspring even though the process of making love is already over for long?

Of course you are one of the very few who have transcended the state of shit-licking mankind and have elevated yourself to the state of angel-being.

You know Dreamless, I just reading a article on a study on how the brain is not male or female.So, everything we  think we know that is gender specific has more to do with our social up bringing and what we are taught.

"Scientifically speaking, there is no distinction between a male and female brain. Researchers analyzed over 1,400 MRI brain scans and found that the biological characteristics that define males from females do not manifest in the brain."


I like to think on a wider scale of thinking and not gender stereotype the sexist.I dont think anything has to be gender specific really. Just males and females have been socialized in different ways. It doesn't make them less capable of being compassionate or loving, males,(we each show it differently) they just show it differently.And,also, it has a lot to do with social expectations in the masses.Men have just as much pressure on them as females do.

I am just not a follower of the masses tho.lol

Sweet! I don't follow the masses as well. I actually don't even believe entirely what scientists said. Because their findings change from time to time and sciences are commercialized. So all we can do is to apply our own petty common sense to recognize facts.

You were right. In the very beginning when we were primitive cells in our mothers' wombs, our biology shew no difference. Even now all of our non-sexual body parts including our brains show no difference. It is actually the chemicals and hormones that shaped us whom we are today. You already know that the mind and subconsciousness manipulate our chemicals in different ways. And the mind and subconsciousness are shaped by our believes, social patterns, cultures and of course trends and mal-education. Neuro-activities are run by the thousands types of complex chemicals in our brains.

Unless one is courageous to stand out of the masses to re-recognize his/her hidden nature, life is nothing but a waste of the self; victim and sacrifice to the common prejudice, common misconception, common hypocrisy, common greed and lusts, common vanity...

In the deepest and highest part of every soul which is terribly suppressed, we were all compassionate, empathic and loving.

I'm a highly compassionate and loving man who loves dogs and cats, bacon and pepper steak. As a highly contributed member of the society, I'm very compassionate to the farmers therefore we must tolerate the afflictions on the lowlier animals. As humans are superior to all!

I'm very loving and compassionate to my wife and children as much as they need diaries and corpse proteins.

Dreamless,I tend to agree with you in that .Science is not the last say in anything .But,people love to think it is...Its just a perspective in what we know at the moment.It just gives us a understanding of things, science does..But,there is always things we do not know and its never the last say .

'Unless one is courageous to stand out of the masses to re-recognize his/her hidden nature, life is nothing but a waste of the self; victim and sacrifice to the common prejudice, common misconception, common hypocrisy, common greed and lusts, common vanity...

In the deepest and highest part of every soul which is terribly suppressed, we were all compassionate, empathic and loving."

Thank you for such a wonderful insight, its refreshing.

other than the structural similarities, I think there is another dimension to it - The hormones. Hormones manipulate our lives. In fact they make someone male or female.

Dreamless you okay there? having a bad day?

Haha! Thanks Greg I'm good. Just try to be funny the straight-forward and dangerous way. If everyone is able to behave as cool and mindful as you, who needs a leader anymore?

I'm starting to question that theory myself because my sisters can take me down within seconds in an Aikido/Jujitsu class. LOL!

no,women are not more compassionate than men,this point of view is so shortsighted and is a lazy sterotype it's like saying there isent female pedophiles and men only have this capability but it has been proven that there are female pedophiles as well.


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