I have been a vegetarian all my life, I have been trying to find dates who are vegetarian for the last 5 years.  In my experience, vegetarians seem to be more picky and less open compared to others.

Is it just me, or do others have similar experience?

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I dunno, lol. To be honest, while it'd be cool to date someone who shared my views (and mealtime pleasures of veggies lol), if I liked someone, I'd date them no matter what, then just slowly educate them about being vegan. You have to keep your own mind open too at times to find the right person :-)

I'm vegetarian, close to vegan and I'm definitely picky when dating. I was before going vegetarian though. I don't drink or smoke and that had more to do with it than the food though. I can't stand being around it at all.

Same here. I do not drink and I never tried smoking and won't bother. My boyfriend and I aren't into that stuff. I was lucky to find a guy who wasn't interested, he may have the occasional drink with family at a holiday but that's it. I am happy I found a good match. I think every person can find their match, but it can take a while!

I am vegetarian and the fussiest person I know! lol...so maybe your theory is spot on!? :)  Although I have never been on a date with a vegetarian unfortunately!

Debs, some call it fussy, but I call it knowing what I want. lol Why bother wasting people's time if you're not suitable for each other? Just kidding yourselves. There are some things that you can compromise on and some you just can't without compromising yourself. That's my theory anyway and I'm sticking to it. lol

If my boyfriend and I were to drop out (which I highly doubt will happen at this point unless one of us dies), I could not date someone who ate meat. I'm not the kind of person that goes on "fling dates" or "silly dates". I befriend someone, and then if I develop feelings for them I date them in a serious manner. I've only have four boyfriends including my current, and they were all good friends of mine before dating.

Also, as off-topic as this might sound, I couldn't date someone who had a job/career that dealt with animal cruelty. For example, someone who works in animal testing. That would conflict with my morals and I just could not be with someone of that nature.

Totally with you on that one Rose.  I cannot believe how many people I've come across that work with meat, in slaughter houses or at a butcher. I once joined a dating agency and requested that they never try to match me up with anyone that worked with meat (and I wasn't even vegetarian yet). They just couldn't understand it. I gag just walking past a butchers from the smell of the flesh.

Can you imagine the karma that must bring them too? Regardless of if it's in this lifetime or another, no thank you to being associated with it at all.

My thought is, if you could be in something that may lead to children... why have someone at odds with you all the time?

Yes I believe it is important to share the same ideals and respect for animals, and nature. I would say yes on that point I am  picky too¡ Blessings to all. I do not smoke or drink either¡

I just want to meet someone with a pulse.

I'm dating a meat eater atm. Her time as a carnivore is limited though =P.

Optimism. Nice!


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