I have been a vegetarian all my life, I have been trying to find dates who are vegetarian for the last 5 years.  In my experience, vegetarians seem to be more picky and less open compared to others.

Is it just me, or do others have similar experience?

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Not all I think.Because when my boyfriend who is a vegetarian for more than 10 yrs, accept me for who I am. He date me way back 2010 which I was not a vegetarian that time. But until I realized (nobody force me to be) that I need to make a change for my diet. I became a vegetarian 2012 and from then on I feel better. 

It depends on the person. My boyfriend's a meat eater and he's probably my biggest supporter. He doesn't eat much meat around me, and he does his best to learn meatless recipes and restaurants with veggie friendly menus. I never expect him to go full vegetarian for me, just like he doesn't expect me to eat meat again.

I guess, it´s a matter of character; I doubt, diet plays a role there...but as far as lifestyle is concerned, I guess, it´s easier to live with s.o. who we don´t agree with on the things that drive the news on TV, in the newspaper or that accompany us in everyday life than with s.o. who we cannot share a meal with...there sealed is a discussion every day that may clog all up

unless "we" agree right at the outset, to accept each other´s lifestyle and cook meat for him or for her...very simple and plain...

good luck 

I don't think its about being picky, but rather we receive so much conflict from people that they probably arent keen to open up to others. I think vegetarians and vegans have such a beautiful outlook on the world, that sometimes they want to protect it from outside spoiling opinions. 

are veggies picky ?? they should be! important things cannot be compromised.. and its finding that special soul mate where everything just falls into place.

I don't know if vegetarians in general are more picky that anyone else, but I do know that I myself am picky. Or rather, I have a clear understanding of what does and doesn't work for me, and that just ends up translating into picky. And I'm like that in most areas of my life. I known no how I feel about clothing and decorations, and I have specific opinions about those types of things. I think maybe that goes with the vegetarian territory - like mane vegetarians are picky because we've already become self aware and globally aware enough to be veggie in the first place. So it's really just self awareness :) lol

This is a very hard question, all my ex's have been meat eaters, I didn't like it but felt it was their choice as they accepted my choice. Now I am single again I don't like the thought of being with a meat eater again, I wouldn't date anyone that hunted or fished so I'm thinking to myself why date a meat eater?

I've always said I don't judge people and I've always said that i'd never try to change someone from who they were...
But having said that. If I know someone is a Vegan or Vegetarian I feel 10 times more attracted to them than I would a meat eater and I hate the thought of kissing a meat eater even though I've had relationships with some.
 I feel bad and I don't know if it's wrong that I'm attracted way more to veg*ns, but I can't help it! XD

Your right, cruelty is not attractive.

I'm glad i'm not alone :P

I could date a meat eater with the possibility of them converting after i have given all the knowledge and shown them the cruelty etc but if they still protested against it i would find that a huge put off. And i would never live with a none vegan, no animal products in my house im afraid. I'd would rather just date a vegan but i do not know any female vegans around my own age, so it may be quite a wait. 

I have been vegetarian for 6 years and Vegan for a year now. I would love to meet a guy who is vegan but if i meet a guy who i really like who isn't, will it stop me? Of course not, but I will only date them if they are open to my lifestyle and open to trying my foods and such. Being in a relationship is about compromise. That is how I see it.


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