Hi all I'm new to this site and hoping that all of you are a supportive lot! I have recently returned to being vegetarian except this time I have ditched the milk and eggs and stuff with it in,Except quorn which I didn't realise stupidly contained egg and so ate it before realising :( I have been finding it quite easy until today. My hubby a very big meat eater and wants our children to continue eating meat and animal products.  I have to respect his wishes though am also teaching them my alternative ways so they have the option. Today is the only day I have questioned why I am doing this mainly because,and I know it sounds bad, or a crispy kreme doughnut! Hubby was scoffing one saying you will never eat one again and we are supposed to eat animal products, that I'm taking it a bit far completely not eating anything with egg etc in and it would be better to just not eat flesh of an animal and eat everything else etc. and I did think gosh will i always be able to resist the krispy kremes? And someone mentioned new chocolate I wont eat. I feel really good health wise since making this changes and I guess it's just hard as I'm ' on my own' with it.I know I'm making the right choice so why is it bothering me? Feel bad for even waivering! Did anyone else experience this and did it pass? 

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Hello Michelle! That happens whenever I change my diet. It takes about three weeks before the person get more comfortable with the change. We're such habitual creatures. =)

I remember phasing out dairy and egg products from my diet and it was quite overwhelming, since I suddenly realise I don't have much choice to choose from in the processed food and freezer section any more. Since I like cooking, so I'll test out different methods to make the food from scratch according to how I remembered or imagined. As time goes on and I have more healthy recipes that don't compromise on taste, I feel happier and stronger.

For the new chocolate and desserts that I couldn't taste, I take photos of their ingredient list and what they look like and also ask folks what it tasted like - if they had the dessert. (Gosh, my sweet-tooth nature is showing.) I can then recreate the food in the safety of my kitchen and even share it to folks who ate the original and see how similar it is. =3 It made the process interactive and inclusive.

Hi Michelle - I am the only one in my household who is a vegan, and if I am cooking, they get vegan meals.  Everyone else is supportive and considerate, but they all eat meat - if they cook.  Perhaps you can tell your husband that on the days you cook, the children will eat vegan meals.  On the days he wants to cook, they can eat meat.  As they grow up, you can speak with your children regarding your reasons for not eating meat, and some day, they may follow your lead.  As far as doughnuts, they can be vegan...a local doughnut shop where I live makes vegan doughnuts twice a week.  While I do not eat that type of food very often, I have tried them and they are good.  So perhaps you can make your own?  And there are plenty of delicious vegan chocolate desserts you can make.  Good luck!

Thanks guys for all the great advice:) I have kinda just stopped it all in one go Anne and guess that's why I had a moment of panic!! And Dan that is a great idea. My boys have tried a few of my vegan bits like soya custard,falafel etc and like so giving them my meals when I cook sounds Like a plan:) Thank you so much for making me feel better. Feel much better when I speak to likeminded people x


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