Just wondering how many other veggies are out there that love playing games? I've been playing video/computer games since I was a kid and still love it. I enjoy all sorts of games from fun creation all the way through to action and adventure games. I love how immersed you can get by playing out a stroy! We have a selection of consoles in our household including, a Wii and Wii U, a few xbox 360s, a few playstation 3s and more than a few computers. And of course we'll be getting the new Xbox One and PS4 that come out this year! Hehe.

Anyone else proud to be a geek?

Not to mention that most games are vegetarian friendly. It's usually the humans that get hurt. ;-)

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i love video games like Kingdom Hearts , Devil May Cry , Final Fantasy , & more

I love RPGs. Skyrim, Morrowind, Neverwinter Nights (the 2002 one), Zelda, Dragon Age... I play on PC mainly, but a bit on Nintendo consoles and Xbox 360. Not gonna get any of the next-gen consoles though, too pricy at the moment. 3DS is the only possibility at the moment.

I study video game design with the intention of becoming a vedeo game designer in the near future. Video games are an absolutle amazing medium and form of entertainment, I could spend hours and hours writing about video games, but we should definitely play some games some time! For online, it's all about Battleifeld.

Yes I love video games too, like Paul said it's not only amusement, and this is great that games become better and better, with great stories like films or animated graphic novels

Question is, does yours looks as good as this? http://barbarella.deadendthrills.com/forum/uploads/imageupload/4/83...

(not my screen)

I grew up with gaming and still love it, still have a mega drive!

It appears that the answer to your question is yes, there are a fair amount of gamers here (including myself).

Also, to anyone interested, I am giving away one The Elder Scrolls Online Beta key. More info available here (http://www.vegfriend.com/forum/topics/competition-the-elder-scrolls...)

i LOVE to play games , i have a ps3 ...so what game can i play with you all?   Also i have a computer with battlefield on it :)

Played video games since I was 3. I'm a pro FIFA player and compete at national level, I've been to Vegas to compete also, in qualification to go to the finals in brazil so fingers crossed I qualify. And hopefully going America again for another tournament. PS I'm a Sony pony, play station nation.

I love gaming.  Mainly Rpgs, WoW, neverwinter, zelda. ect. I'm mainly a computer gamer.
I waste way too much of my life on them. :P

That is true.
Thankyouu. Now I don't have to feel bad about it XD

Dark Souls was my lastest favourite one, waiting eagerly for DS2 now.

 It's usually the humans that get hurt.
You'll like Prey then, one that humans are farmed for meat.


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