Just wondering how many other veggies are out there that love playing games? I've been playing video/computer games since I was a kid and still love it. I enjoy all sorts of games from fun creation all the way through to action and adventure games. I love how immersed you can get by playing out a stroy! We have a selection of consoles in our household including, a Wii and Wii U, a few xbox 360s, a few playstation 3s and more than a few computers. And of course we'll be getting the new Xbox One and PS4 that come out this year! Hehe.

Anyone else proud to be a geek?

Not to mention that most games are vegetarian friendly. It's usually the humans that get hurt. ;-)

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I have Baldurs Gate 2 and Icewind Dale but I always find them difficult to get in to... I dunno what it is about them! I prefer RPGs like Fallout 2 (if we're talking old school RPGs). 

" Counter Strike " Fire in the Hole ......!

Mega Man FTW! best series ever ::) 

btw check out "Awesome Games Done Quick"  and "Summer Games Done Quick". It's a charity to get rid of cancer and support doctors without boarders.

besides its pretty impressive how these nerds finish ur favorite games in an insanely freakin' fast time!

here u find the schedule and more information! http://gamesdonequick.com/


I am a gamer as well Xbox and PC call of duty and WoW!

I've just picked up Crusader Kings II (I like strategy games, especially historically detailed ones) and Dark Souls II which isn't the sort of game I normally go for except a lot of my friends play it (peer pressure o_O).

Be sure to join the Video Gamer group if you've not already; I'd love to see more activity there so that I can indulge my geekyness!

I love videogames I used to play on freetime with PC, Xbox and Android phone, unfortunately I do not have enough time lately :(

Omg I love cod , little big planet, reckoning, DC universe online , fat princess, epic Mickey, kingdom hearts.. I could go on forever(I have a ps3) add me on psn if any of you have one : LoudMouthBrat
I'm mostly into rpg.

I don't have a lot of time to play, but I loved loved loved the Mass Effect trilogy a few years ago.

And right now I'm having a lot of fun with the game The Walking Dead. Not a very "vegetarian" game, haha, but at least in this game humans and animals are getting eaten equally :-)

I am a total video game nerd. I've been playing ever since I was a kid. Right now my 2 main games are left 4 dead 2 and world of warcraft. I'm a HUGE PC gamer. I used to play console but I think the PC is just so much better./

Just seen that nobody has posted on this thread in ages :-o

Any veggie gamer folk still around on this website?


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