Just wondering how many other veggies are out there that love playing games? I've been playing video/computer games since I was a kid and still love it. I enjoy all sorts of games from fun creation all the way through to action and adventure games. I love how immersed you can get by playing out a stroy! We have a selection of consoles in our household including, a Wii and Wii U, a few xbox 360s, a few playstation 3s and more than a few computers. And of course we'll be getting the new Xbox One and PS4 that come out this year! Hehe.

Anyone else proud to be a geek?

Not to mention that most games are vegetarian friendly. It's usually the humans that get hurt. ;-)

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I've been gaming for more than half my life now I think starting with a PS1 and progressing through an Xbox and Xbox 360 to a recently acquired gaming PC. I won't be getting any of the latest consoles.

I play a lot of Eve Online (do get in touch if you play!) and I might progress on to Star Citizen at some point. Offline I play things like Rome II, Banished, 4X games like Endless Space and Gal Civ II. I occasionally play RPGs too.

If I had better internet I'd consider playing more MMOs and online FPS games. I have, in the past, played a lot of Halo, Battlefield and GoW.

Star Citizen paired with the Oculus is going to be a dream come true :P

I'm really trying to curb my geeky spending so please don't say such things :D

Oh, and if you like space games like Freelancer or the X series then you really should check out this procedurally generated, infinite game world space FPS/RTS hybrid called Limit Theory. It's in development as we speak, due for release this Summer, but promises to be something special. Check out this dev update:

Never played these but for procedural generated space sim (and on foot exploration on this one too) take a look at No Man's Sky, I bet it won't live to the expectations of the trailer but if it do it will be nice.

Hi, sure I love a lot of video games too!rgps, adventure, fantasy, league of legends, skyrim, WoW, or the Sims!

Hello there! Of course i'm proud to be geeky! it's not because i'm mad about Doctor Who and that i have the platinum trophy of Skyrim that i'm a nolife or such :)

btw, if you want : add me on steam or ps3: kyoukai2279 :)

I have a flickr for screenshots btw, most of them from Skyrim

I love video games. My favorite series is probably The Legend of Zelda!!! I also love to play Pokemon, Minecraft, Skyrim, and many more!

Like the post-I know I'm late, but I'm new.

PS4 all the way! I did play The Last of Us on PS3. It was one of the best, but most depressing and despairing games I've played in my life!

I had Red Faction Guerilla, Skyrim, GTA4, GTA5 and Battlefield 3 on the PS3 when I got the PS4. Now I play Warframe and Battlefield 4. Waiting for some good ones to come out. As a matter of fact, I'm still waiting for the %^&*$%^! Blu-ray remote to be released! That, and the firmware updates that allow me to play media from a flash drive. This is what happens when you get a console early.

I typically play 15-30 mins after work during the week, and 2-5 hours over the weekend. As long as gaming continues to evolve, I will continue to play.

I'm super big on RPGs. Perhaps far more than I should be. 

Fav list? Does it includes FF7, PSIV, Chrono trigger, and Baldurs 2? 


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