Soo a since I went veg a lot of martial artist are like "you gotta eat meat if you wanna be a beast." -.- I feel like they re completely ignoring the spiritual side of martial arts when they say stuff like that, anyway just reply with some stuff about your martial arts journey and like maybe how people in your dojo react to you being vegetarian or vegan. I'm also interested in hearing about different styles

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I used to practice Tai-Chi & Qi-Gong and most of them respect it, still do it every now and then for fun. Basically the chinese culture is a vegetarian diet from origin, they only use a little bit meat for seasoning, i've read about in the book called "The China Study". It's proven that the people were more healthy and had less diseases.

That's great! I practice tai chi when I can it helps with karate too you have more balance it's really calming to me.

There's a set of chi-kong that I really liked to do, since it's very relaxing, but at the same time strengthens the body and calms down the mind.

Our diet has direct impact to our spiritual well-being. In the Samurai training, mental and spiritual well-being are shaped and formed. Their life was strictly monitored from what food they consume to their lifestyle. This is the same for Kong-Fu, Tai-Chi, Chi-Kong, and other Asian martial arts. Prior to interacting with the western culture, the Asian diet is primary vegetarian or vegan. The meat are usually cured and used as seasoning, since people pick whatever vegetables and fruits available around where they live. Only the extremely wealthy and the royalty will they be able to eat meat, dairy, and/ or eggs on a daily basis.

The China Study book Roy mentioned is really interesting. For me, it's especially interesting about proteins: what effects they traditionally thought it has and what effects it actually have. 

Well. any martial artist who says so is not authentic. Martial arts isn't like body building or WWE. It's more like a spiritual journey and self defense mechanism and physical mental body workout. I've done tae-kwon-do in the past and its nothing like having meat or stuff. I've seen many skinny and tiny ppl kicking butts of big bull size ppl. 

I agree with you haha I'm like 5'0 ft and my Sensei will have me fight people 6ft tall it's really empowering size really doesn't matter.

Right.. that's the beauty of marshal arts. Any one can bust any one's butt.


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