some ideas on ending moneyism(formerly 'dealing with the prostitution/scarcity problem' :-p): grocery and food companies are controlled by people and not run for profit. an agronomy bureau monitors food. convince everyone even the rich to get a food stamp card.  health care is becoming free, free education, science is done by committee not on a budget, engineers in like unions. land is not bought or rented.

workers rights:  most positions are not held indefinetly.  like in(or similar to) participatory economics, people have right to pursue jobs they want.

maybe other issues: the police are de-weaponized, policing is community based. oil workers are compensated for health and loss of job as part of environmental package.
increased use and phasing out of bitcoin.  banks are allowed to fail.  alteratively as land is not bought sold or rented the government refunds all real estate debt and ends treasury.

basically people stop using money. dont sell things or buy things.(neither do people trade things!!).  the internet is used. energy need is public utility.  spirituality is more important: community, love-based beliefs. community organizations and non-profits proliferate.

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