Vegetarians/Vegans often have to explain themselves at social gatherings and answer annoying questions put forward by meat eaters.For a change let us ask annoying questions to the meat eaters.I imagine a world in the future where meat eaters will be the minority group!

1) You eat meat????....LOL!!!!!!!

2)But why do you have to eat meat???

3)Where does all your excess protein go??

4)How do you protect yourself from heart diseases,Diabetes,hypertension??

5)From where do you get all your essential vitamins and minerals??

6)Don't you fall sick very often??

7)I can't stay without my veggies even for a single day!!...can you???

8)Do you want to try spinach and broccoli??

9)Don't you feel weak?

10)Are you crazy?

11) How can you stay eating meat even for a single day???

12)Don't you love animals??

The list is endless!!!

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I think that no matter what anyone posts, there will always be at least some opposition. I understood the original post for what it was, but many people have trouble determining tone in an online post. It happens in emails alllllll the time. Don't sweat it, Dinesh.

Thank you Dawn for understanding!...I appreciate it!

My friend was asking me a question about why i became a vegetarian, i said that i don't know i feel bad when i must eat an animal... Yah it doesn't make me a saint too. But she reply.. How rediculous you, the animal is supposed to be eaten by humans it's natural, like lion eat a zebra, all of us eating meat in order to surfive a loong loong time ago, so don't be silly, and i reply again, yeah maybe i'm silly, i just follow my heart...


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