Vegetarians/Vegans often have to explain themselves at social gatherings and answer annoying questions put forward by meat eaters.For a change let us ask annoying questions to the meat eaters.I imagine a world in the future where meat eaters will be the minority group!

1) You eat meat????....LOL!!!!!!!

2)But why do you have to eat meat???

3)Where does all your excess protein go??

4)How do you protect yourself from heart diseases,Diabetes,hypertension??

5)From where do you get all your essential vitamins and minerals??

6)Don't you fall sick very often??

7)I can't stay without my veggies even for a single day!!...can you???

8)Do you want to try spinach and broccoli??

9)Don't you feel weak?

10)Are you crazy?

11) How can you stay eating meat even for a single day???

12)Don't you love animals??

The list is endless!!!

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Excellent answers, except 4. a lot of research now shows that heated polyunsaturted cooking oils are a leading cause of heart disease, (smoking obviously other major one) and sugar (including modern over sweet fruits) in soda, and other junk foods.are a leading cause of metabolic syndrome including diabetes, which affects non meet eaters too. Vegetable eaters health benefits are not gained by the lack of meat but their increased consumption of veg. Which meats eaters can have too by not eating junk carbs and eating more veg. And they can do it with out any need for smug superiority that is so dreadfully off putting to meet eaters. Old joke
'how can you tell if some one is a Vegan'
Answer .... don't worry they will tell you! ;)

Some of the answers are really silly..I feel sorry for you.

The only reason barbara got to comment sarcastically on this post is because it kind of sucks. :) those are some of the dumbest questions I've ever read to ask a meat-eater. Why ask them If they're crazy? Of course they aren't. Cruelty doesn't come from insanity-not always. It comes from indifference and ignorance. Ask a meat-eater if they've ever watched an animal being slaughtered. Ask them Why the tortured screams of dying creatures don't affect them. Ask them why their place in the food chain entitles them to kill things but when a real "top of the food chain" predator escapes a prison (zoo) he doesn't want to be in and kills someone he pays with his life by euthanasia? Why doesn't that lion get to sit there licking his lips and gloating about his superiority? Ask real questions and get real answers. Ask dumb questions like "would you like some broccoli?" And get dumb sarcastic answers

I guess I would have to be really annoyed, even then I would think twice before asking...

Do you know how the animal you are eating was killed?

These are the answers I got from a meat eater
1. Yes I eat meat, you don't lmfao
2. To build muscle, and be strong not weak and dainty
3.ummm to my muscle duh
4. Meat keeps you very healthy
5. Were not carnivores, we're omnivorous, and were much more healthy
6. No cause we have a higher immune system, cause we actually have protein a muscle unlike vegans
7. As I said were omnivorous
8. WE EAT BOTH duhhh!!
9. No we don't feel weak cause were actually healthier that vegans :)
10. Are you thin and fragile lol
11. Meat is delicious yummy bacon :)
12. Yes we love animals, but they would eat us, just as quickly as we eat them
There ya go :)

Meat keeps you very healthy,we are healthier than vegans???!!..this person really needs good education!

Why do meat-eaters always go back to the muscle argument? I've been vegan for 10 years and in that time I've had 2 of the most physically demanding jobs in the world, lifting 200 pound metal containers for 12-16 hour shifts. I'm stronger than anyone I know.

Wow, those answers from meat eaters really does show their ignorance. We have a long way to go in educating meat eaters.

I would start eating meat but... asparagus bro. Too damn delicious, nom nom nom!

I actually like these!

My favorite question to ask is - if you had to kill and skin it and all that would you still eat meat?


"I hear you guys never poop. Damn."


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