a meat eater had a discussion on the fact that cows and pigs and chickens were meant to be bred. which of course is not the case. what are some crazy things meat eaters say to you to try to make their eating lifestyle seem ok in their eyes?

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Wow, sounds like a particularly idiotic meat eater you were having this chat with.

yes, sadly there are many on my facebook page. 

If we didn't kill/eat them their populations would over-run.

god yes ruiner, I hate that one the most. 

LOL ! cows and pigs and chickens were meant to be bred

Not even close. Saying that is just like saying black people were made to be slaves and children were made to be victims of pedophiles. It's absurd.

Non of these animals were domesticated before we started tampering with them and forcefully breeding them into money making machines to feed the consumerists cruel greed. The cows,pigs, and chickens of today are not even natural- they are all over bred creations made by man to supply him with what he wants. There are wild chickens, cows and pigs out there who live just fine without human interaction and interference.

People are so stupid- it's almost funny, but mostly just sad.

haha that guy is the one who responded to one of my posts on facebook , ciarra. and I agree..very well said. 

Gah I know, I did see and like it lol i thought I'd go off here instead of your FB page haha

haha agreed!! 

Eeewwww! Love how they refer to non factory farm chickens to "real" chickens though,.lol

Pain, suffering and dying/slaughter is a part of life...SO EVIL!

I always hear "people were meant to eat meat. Why else do we have k-9 teeth?"  or just the plain old "I could never live without meat". People are so selfish, greedy and stupid. 


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