Do you guys know any natural methods for treating a dog that is getting mange? Her hair is falling out and her skin is very raw, she also appears to be in quite a good amount of discomfort. I believe she could be healed naturally without the need for a vet visit. She is eating well, and we have switched her food around. She is being bathed in borax, peroxide, and water. She is being rubbed down with silver, taking 2 probiotics and 4 vegetable source antihistamines per day. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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For some reason Ger, I read this as, "My dog is getting engaged" LOL. Well I know they have a dip for them? Ah but you want to heal it naturally? No idea, but I'll bump up this question for you! Good luck!

Edit: I did hear a disturbing story in relation to this.. someone was talking about how their friend's dog had such a bad case of mange, they decided to put it down (even though they could have just taken the poor thing to the vet? Whatever). They left out a bowl of antifreeze to kill it (wow) and the dog didn't die (because they've changed the recipe in anti-freeze since so many dogs were drinking it and being killed- at least that's what I've been told)- but instead cured it's mange and gave it a "nice shiny coat." I don't recommend this in any way, I was just reminded of this story lol.

People rarely see the weird things I do lol. I wish you luck, and also wish I had some good advice for you, on the natural remedy path. I will have to look into it.

Engaged :D . .  so you hearing Wedding bells . May be coming soon haha :p

I don't know about dogs otherwise definitely give some suggestion. 

Hey Dr.lauren woods do something ;)

It's Ok Gerret :) i haven't did anything yet

Sorry to hear your dog has mange,its years since ive lived with dogs,but,whenever sycoptic mange appeared ,i would purchase a sachet of allugen from the vet it cleared up really quickly with that treatment,good luck.

Sarcoptic mange (canine scabies) is the one that is more brutal. Highly contagious. Many animals especially at shelters with sarcoptic mange are humanely euthanized.

Demodectic mange is more so treatable but you will need a vet diagnosis to determine which your pup has, if indeed it is mange at all. She could be having an allergic reaction to her food, environment etc. You can call the vet for free and ask them all the questions you want but in my opinion none of us are fit to give you advice on the topic and if she is in pain, take her to the vet. You don't have to buy anything they try to sell you but they have to evaluate her.

Your best bet is contacting a holistic vet. Good luck, sorry your pup is not feeling the best.


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