My friend invited me to her house,listen to what happened with me..

she: Hello Elena what a good surprise? how are you doing?

me: I'm great missing you honey..

she : I want to introduce you to my mom !look mom  this is my vegetarian friend 'Elena' whom I constantly talk about !

mom: well darling but meat is so important for health why you deprive yourself of protein?

me: plants also contain protein,a vegetarian diet is more healthy I just can survive without meat.

mom: but look... my cousin is 14 years old she tried to convert vegetarian but her health was affected so her doctor obliged her to eat meat again!

me: vegetarian food is suffiecent , full of energy protein and vitamines the body need but this little girl like other adolescents in her age had suffered because of mal-nutrition thing..

mom: but listen,animals were created to eat them , God doesn't forbid it in heavenly religoin are you more merciful than God? you are doing bad by not abiding  to God's rules.are you religious??

me: I'm not veggie for religion! I'm so for ethical reason, I can survive wihout killing other creatures..

mom: we also care for animals, we are humans but eating meat is not a sin, about health even if you eat a lot of vegtables you may be prone to be sick because all people will die in the end so why you deprive yourself?

I just looked at her while she was smoking she got nervous don't know why veggie diet hurt other and make them aggressive...for her it's good to smoke but bad to be veggie!! I smiled and this usually happen with you?

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Sorry you had to deal with that.. I don't why your friend had to introduce you as the "vegetarian" friend in the first place. Its not like you asked to get lectured. Geez, how annoying..

I turned raw vegan three months ago. That solved it. Now, after they ask about my diet, they simply stare wide eyed because it's too much for them to take lol. 

I can tell you 100% for sure, when people passionately bring religion into the debate about eating meat, you have zero chance of them HEARING your view. There is little reason to even pursue a conversation with someone who has the blinders/propaganda of the meat cooperation firmly blocking their view but add on top of that, the stranglehold of religion. These people have very little hope of ever stopping eating animals.

Your focus is better on people who are willing to open their minds, to listen and who want to LEARN! So many people don't want to learn because that involves seeing the truth, that all these years they have been making a mistake! and that's a tough thing for people to do!

As soon as I read how she introduced you as her vegetarian friend I knew where that conversation was going lol


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