I treated an 88 year old Vegetarian today.  Post op hip fracture on IV fluids from dehydration.  She was upset the lunch had a slab of meat on it and was trying to get the aide to remove the tray from her table.  The aide was "insisting she eat"  When I approached I immediately responded to the ladies need, took the tray away and stated I to was vegetarian.  She was SO HAPPY someone UNDERSTOOD her aversion to meat.  She said, "Thank you, it looked like a carcous on my plate."  She continued to tell me, it is because of my diet I have lived this long, and have few health problems.  I told her I agreed 100% and hope to be like her someday :)

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Inspiring read! Thanks for sharing.

My mother is 89, also a vegetarian, also in hospital recently with a hip fracture. She amazed everyone by her healthiness and speed of recovery. But did have trouble getting adequate nutrition - nurses were fine - it is convincing the kitchen staff and dieticians that is the problem


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