I treated an 88 year old Vegetarian today.  Post op hip fracture on IV fluids from dehydration.  She was upset the lunch had a slab of meat on it and was trying to get the aide to remove the tray from her table.  The aide was "insisting she eat"  When I approached I immediately responded to the ladies need, took the tray away and stated I to was vegetarian.  She was SO HAPPY someone UNDERSTOOD her aversion to meat.  She said, "Thank you, it looked like a carcous on my plate."  She continued to tell me, it is because of my diet I have lived this long, and have few health problems.  I told her I agreed 100% and hope to be like her someday :)

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Awesome! :) I hope to aid patients with the same diet someday <3 Was the aid oblivious that she didn't eat meat or what? Or insisted she needed to eat it anyways??

88 years old vegetarian with few health problem n lives till today, IS another example of HEALTHY LIFE PEOPLE.

health concern is the precedent for me being vegetarian; your story make me more persistence in meat free in everyday menus.....regards, tj

That is nice to hear TJ and why I wanted to share it with my Veggie friends.  Peace

The aides are trained to just get the patients to eat as much of there plate as possible!  They must document by a percentage the daily intake.  However, the lady had eaten her veggies and rice.  Language barrier is another problem with communication in the skilled nursing facilities as well.  English is usually the aides second language, and the elderly are typically not bilingual.  Leanna, there is a huge need for nutrition in health care, so all the best!

Your lady should be able to order Vege food from day 2 first day post-op most people just get "whatever's going" she may have been able to request a non-meat diet pre-op unless it was an emergency operation.  Anyway good on you! I'd do the same thing and remove the dead animal for her too.  Thank-you.

Thanks Sandy.   followed up with the kitchen to ensure she had a vegetarian menu. This was a mistake, but made for good conversation and story :)

Thanks for letting me know hope she's doing better now and goes home soon.


88 year old was DC'd home with home health care to follow :)

Hi Julie,

I myself was in the hospital last March. The staff was so adamant about the importance of eating meat.

I tried my best to educate the whole nursing staff on the horrors of animal slaughter, health benefits of being vegetarian,

and the preserving of the planet. I think I got through to  only a few of these stubborn nurses. But, I tried my best to

drive the message across. ;-)

I loved to read this story. Sometimes it's so hard in hospitals :(


I'm so glad you stood up for her.

My grandma has had a whiteboard to inform whoever brings lunch that she's diabetic. Did the doctors/nurses not have something to inform them let alone hear from her directly that she's a vegetarian?


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