I'm 7 months pregnant and married to a meat eater. We have already agreed to raise our child vegan until he is old enough to ask for otherwise and to know what he's asking for.

I'm lucky so far that 7 months into pregnancy and I haven't gotten much crap for being vegan myself or for planning to raise my child vegan... .but I'm sure that will change once he's older and eating regular food.

I've been mentally preparing for the battles I will have to face and how I plan to face them, for me and for an example for my son.

My concern is how I can properly distill this important morality while his father will be eating steak and bacon... especially without trying to paint him as evil for eating it.

Is anyone raising their child in a household like this? Were you raised in one like this?

Any advice?

It'll be hard enough battling the judging public and most likely family members without making it a struggle at home with dad. =( I'm worried

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Good luck ... you will need it.


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