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What is kale? We don't have anything by that name here in Zimbabwe - we have something called rape, then we have spinach, and tsunga

Started by Wendy Benzies

6 Aug 21, 2017
Reply by Wendy Benzies

Vegan/Vegetarian Mukbangs

Hey Everyone!There are so many meat/dairy based mukbang channels on youtube. I would love to see more vegan/vegetarian ones on there! If yo…


0 Apr 28, 2017

Help with guilt - Paying for animals to suffer in order to go vegan?

I have now turned vegan as I personally feel guilty for buying animal related products for the following reasons: Meat = actual dead anima…

Started by Meowzolite

11 Apr 20, 2017
Reply by Alessandra


I find that people are at least somewhat accepting of the fact that I don't want to eat meat, but they have a really hard time understandin…

Started by Henna Latep

12 Feb 3, 2017
Reply by Barry

How To Find A Vegan Job

Published on Dec 7, 2016 What do you do if you're vegan but are still working a very non-vegan job? How do you even find a vegan job? In…

Started by Bite Size Vegan

0 Dec 8, 2016

Something for Christmas  

Started by Barry

0 Nov 23, 2016

Why I’m A Vegan Against Animal Welfare

I wanted to clarify why I—as a vegan activist—am against animal welfare. This is an important question I was asked in a Live Q&A on…

Started by Bite Size Vegan

0 Nov 16, 2016

Do You Think Gelatin is Acceptable for Vegetarians to Eat?

For those who don't know, gelatin is extracted from animal bones. Therefore, it certainly isn't vegan. It's found in many things like gummy…

Started by Julia Marianne Moreau

110 Oct 14, 2016
Reply by VEGSTER shubham sharma

Scrutiny from Non-Vegetarians/Vegans

Hey all, It has been brought to my attention that many, if not all, of my social encounters that result in my sharing of my dietary lifesty…

Started by Jaymie Ellen

4 Aug 9, 2016
Reply by Jaymie Ellen

Picking out meat from meals?

So I have a vegetarian friend who states they will order a non-vegetarian meal and pick the meat out if no vegetarian option is available a…

Started by Sophie Williams

15 Aug 7, 2016
Reply by Jaymie Ellen


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